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Trojan E-mail Mailbox Cleanup Guide

In order to reduce the amount of time that will be required to migrate your account from the old e-mail system and into the Office 365 system we recommend that you delete any e-mail messages from the old e-mail account that you do not need to keep.

Instructions provided here demonstrate how to remove old messages from the old e-mail system using a Web browser.

1 Login to Trojan E-mail

Navigate to the Webmail login page for Trojan E-mail. The link can be found on or by typing directly into your browser's address bar. Then login to your account.

Screenshot of the Trojan Webmail login page


2 Select E-mail Messages to Delete

Select all e-mail in your inbox that you wish not to keep and then click the Delete option on the menu. To select an e-mail message simply check the box next to each e-mail message. Repeat this step for e-mail that is located in other folders, including your Sent items folder.

Screenshot demonstarting how to delete e-mail messages.


3 Empty Trash

Empty/Clear all deleted e-mails that were sent to the Trash. Even though e-mails were deleted they will remain in your mailbox until the trash is emptied. Once you delete them from the trash folder there is no way to regain them.

Screenshot showing how to empty the trash.

Removing Folders

Some users may have added additional folders that can be deleted. To delete an entire folder simply right-click on the folder listed in the left menu and from the context menu select "Delete Folder". Note that after deleting a folder it may be necessary to empty the trash bin again.

Screenshot demonstrating how to delete a folder from a mailbox.