Changes to Network Login Procedures

Troy Community,

The Information Technology team continues on the path of enhancing the user experience at Troy University. 

We recently transitioned to the use of Trojan Web Express credentials (username and password) to grant access to campus computers at the Dothan, Montgomery, Troy and Global Campus locations.

Beginning July 15th, 2015, additional changes to login procedures will be implemented at these same locations.

  1. Campus computers will be granted network access automatically following the initial login to the computer with Trojan Web Express credentials. The past requirement for two separate logins has been removed.
  2. Personal devices such as tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops cannot be automated in this manner; they will continue to be prompted for credentials when seeking network access. However:
    • Trojan Web Express username and password are the new required credentials.
    • Email username and password will no longer be used.

Please review the following to discover how network access is granted based on user device used.

Campus Computer Single Login
When Using

For Combined

Access To

Proper Logout
  • Office Computers
  • Classroom Computers
  • Lab Computers
  • Library Computers
  • Computer Applications
  • Network Printers
  • Internet

Sign out or Logoff computer when finished.

Network Login
When Using


Access To

Proper Logout

  • Personal Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Macintosh computers
  • Linux computers
  • University Laptops primarily used at remote locations; rarely brought to campus
  • Internet
  • Network printers (where applicable)

Logout from Network when finished using button on Trojan website.

Campus Computers:

  • Will always prompt for both username and password at every login.
  • Username will not be recalled from a previous login session.
Windows 8 Login
Windows 7 Login

This same information is also available in the HelpDesk Knowledgebase.

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