Web UI 4.4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below is a series of questions that we are frequently asked. Click on a question to view the answer.

Where can I access training on the new system?

A video of one of the live training sessions can be accessed via the link below.


Will I need a new Datatel username/password?

No; you will use the same credentials you normally use to log into Datatel.

Will I still need to sign on to VPN?

Yes; you will still need to sign into your VPN account before signing into UI 4.4.

Will I need to download or install any new software for Web UI 4.4?

Probably not; the only software requirement is Microsoft Silverlight. It should already be installed on your system, but if it is not then you will be prompted to install it when you try to access Web UI.

Will I need to type in that long link each time to get to UI 4.4?

No; once you are given the link, you can save it in your web browser's Favorites folder (known as 'Bookmarks' in Firefox).

Why can I not get to the NAE screen (or other screens I normally access)?

There is a known bug that affects certain cross-application screens. Datatel is working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, just type the application name, dash, and the screen name: for example, 'ST-NAE'.

How do I favorite things?

To save the form that you are currently in, click on the yellow star icon on the form wrap menu (upper right hand corner of the form). To save the student (or other entity with a colleague id), click on the yellow star icon on the upper right of the context menu.

Why can't I add some screens to my favorites?

Screens that are subject to the bug mentioned in the Question "Why can I not get to the NAE screen (or other screens I normally access)?" cannot be added to favorites. Also, they will not appear in the form history drop down menu. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working toward a solution.

Some forms (like XRGN) don't print automatically anymore. How can I print what I need?

When a report browser window opens you have the option to download the form or open it in a new tab as a pdf file (or a few other things). It can then be printed like any other document. Also, when you need to print information from a form that doesn't generate a report, there is a print icon/button next to the star symbol on the form wrap menu.

Can I have more than one person in the context menu?

Yes; you can have multiple people in the context menu. At this moment there is no known limit. However, only one record can be accessed at a time.

Does having a person loaded in the context menu lock their record?

No; records are only locked if they are currently being accessed by a form/screen.

I've finished working with a group of students in a particular screen, but every time I try to save or cancel out, it prompts me to process another student on the list or discard the whole list. How can I leave the form without getting rid of the list?

In order to leave a screen and keep your context list, simply click either the 'Save All' or 'Cancel All' button. This will save or cancel you out of the screens you are in and keep your context active.

When I drill down to multiple screens, I can click on any of the open screen tabs, but I can't change anything except the last one. Is something wrong?

No; like in the old system, you can only access the 'deepest' screen at any given time. You still have to move back from the bottom to the top to update screens. The ability to view higher screens is simply a convenience.

Last Updated: 11/12/2013
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