e2Campus (SOS)

Revalidate Your Cell Phone

Login to the SOS system.

Enter your Username and Password

SOS Login

Click the Services Tab from the Dashboard


Click the Validate Now Link

SMS Validate

Verify your cell phone number and click Resend Validation Code. If you have parentheses, dashes, periods, or any other special characters, remove them from your phone number.

When you receive your new Validation code enter the Validation Code in the text box. If you do not receive a validation code, contact your cell phone provider to see if you have a text messaging plan on your cell phone. If not, please login and delete the SMS entry and add your email address.

If your validation is successful, your should be presented with the SOS login screen.


If you have an active good cell number and one showing validate now status. You should delete the second number.

Click Delete beside the cell phone number you wish to delete.

Click Delete Mobile Phone

You should now only see one number.