New Employees Checklist

If you are a new Troy University employee there are several steps you or your supervisor will need to complete to gain access to the services necessary for your job.

You must complete and submit the paperwork required by Human Resources before completing these steps.

Information Technology personnel will not create these accounts until your information has been entered into Datatel by Human Resources.

Steps in bold must be completed by the secretary/supervisor of the new employees. The steps must be completed in the order listed below.

Submit Paperwork to Human Resources

Information Technology cannot create accounts until your information has been entered into the Datatel system by the Human Resources department.

Human Resources may require up to 3 business days to process your paperwork once all required paperwork is received by HR.

For more information please visit the Human Resources website.

Review Technology Policies

Review the Technology Policies before proceeding to the next step.

Receive Your Trojan Web Express ID

The Web Express ID will be created upon entry into Datatel, please allow 24 hours for processing. Your Web Express ID will be provided to you from the, "What's my User ID?" page.

Secretary/Supervisor creates helpdesk ticket

A departmental secretary (on behalf of the supervisor) or supervisor can complete the New Employee Helpdesk ticket. This ticket will allow the secretary or supervisor to request all routine accounts for their new employee. IT will not accept a helpdesk ticket from a new employee.

To create an IT Helpdesk Ticket, please visit and select New Employee as the problem type.

Listed below are services or accounts that can be requested:

  • Telecom (Office Phone)
  • Email
  • Datatel/VPN
  • Document Imaging
  • Local PC Configuration

Review IT Training

All employees who require access to a university system; e.g., VPN, Datatel, NAS/Secure storage or Document Imaging is required to complete the security awareness training annually. Access will not be granted until the security training has been completed.

Security Training

Additional Training Offered by the Information Technology Department

View the IT Training Page

Request Employee Cell Phone

Consult with your supervisor before submitting a request for an Employee Cell Phone.

First, review section 607.35.1 Wireless Communication Device Usage of the ePolicy.

Next, you must complete and submit the Cell Phone Request/Deduction Form. Continue to the next step if your request has been approved.

Assignment of a University Cell Phone requires a monthly deduction of $10 from your pay. You will not receive a cell phone until you have submitted the deduction request AND it has been processed by Human Resources.

607.35.1 Wireless Communication Device Usage (ePolicy)

Cell Phone Request/Deduction Form

Sorrell College of Business New Employees

Employees of the Sorrell College of Business should complete the steps located on the Sorrell College of Business New Employees Page.The steps for new employees listed on this page are specific to the Sorrell College of Business.

Sorrell College of Business New Employees Page