As we welcome a new year, we’d like to take an opportunity to review what we were up to in 2019.

Troy University Office of Information Technology

IT Operations

Troy University IT operates as a comprehensive support unit, spread across a large geography. With the recent inclusion of the Canvas support team, all major software and infrastructure deliverables are represented and involved in decision making that impacts IT, external constituents and the entire Troy University community.

TROY IT manages 9 data centers, over 150,000 user accounts and a growing, complex global network presence.

Strategic Plan

TROY IT works with Senior Administration, external consultants, student and employee focus groups and IT staff to update our annual plan and five-year strategic operations vision. TROY IT endeavors to be a secure, innovative and reliable technology services provider for Troy University.

Below, review some of our 2019 accomplishments, check out our 2020 plan on the IT website. And, as always, we seek your comment and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The infrastructure team added 130,300 linear feet of structured cabling, over 24 miles of new cabling to support TROY’s growth. TROY currently manages over 1,200 miles of structured cabling to thousands of endpoint devices. The unification of the Alabama campuses with direct extension dialing reduced costs and further unified campus operations.

Core upgrades to thousands of network devices were completed in 2019. Wireless networking infrastructure was upgraded in a number of dormitories. Critical edge security devices were completed and over 115,000 unique devices used TROY’s networking environments.

The IT helpdesk closed over 27,000 support tickets in 2019! Over 60,000 paperless, e-signature documents were processed, with 8 new forms deployed to the online forms solutions. Hundreds of employees participated in IT training through the online portal and face-to-face events. The IT Summit offered 30 training sessions and opportunities to discuss the 2020 IT plan and visit with key technology vendors. End-user support reduced the number of Windows 7 devices to a few dozen, while promoting Windows 10 in all divisions across all locations.

Two-factor authentication reached all employees, further strengthening TROY’s security posture. The number of compromised employee accounts dropped by 96 percent! Expansion of malware and ransomware detection tools fostered a reduction in end-user device clean-up. The removal of local administrative access and a unified software catalog eased the way to an agile computing environment through a near complete eradication of distributed malware activity.

With modernization of self-help tools, employees and students have greater access to administrative services around the clock. Upgrades to reporting and analytics tools will further facilitate data-driven planning. A new student advising tool was identified and implementation is underway. A new facility management tool will better equip decision makers with enhanced scheduling tools and facility resource planning workflows.

Educational Technology produced online course shells for every Troy University course. 153 additional faculty were certified in Canvas and over 4,000 support inquiries were processed. Over 8,000 attendees used the Webex conferencing solution, scores of classroom received updated technology and the digital display solution was expanded.

All of Troy University employs the Office 365 platform. With over 100,000 users, the platform processes millions of email messages and stores tens of millions of files for Troy University. The implementation of self-password reset reduced dependence on the IT helpdesk for Office 365 inquiries. Hundreds of servers were updated. Expansion of data center storage addressed the continued growth of TROY’s operations.

The security team worked diligently to keep Troy University safe and informed of cybersecurity threats. All employees participated in annual security training, presenting the best defense to all manner of attacks.

In 2019, over 1.2 billion threats were observed and blocked by Troy University’s threat management tools.

Disaster recovery operations were expanded, emergency notification systems were upgraded and the needs of a 24x7 operation were carefully planned and maintained. The uptime for Troy University’s data centers for 2019 was 99.95 percent.

The IT-managed web presences received over 300 millions page views in 2019. The mobile app received a facelift and further efficiencies were deployed to the my.troy.edu environment. Using an artificial intelligence chatbot, thousands of inquiries were resolved without the need for a support ticket or contact to the Helpdesk.

We appreciate all that you do for Troy University. We wish you a happy 2020!