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Trojan E-mail Upgrade



This fall the Information Technology department replaced the previous e-mail system with Office 365. This upgrade introduced many new features; we will provide more information about these additional services in the near future. The changes are significant and will offer many benefits. However, due to the scope of this upgrade all devices used to download e-mail will require configuration changes.

Your TROY e-mail address will not change.

When using any Office 365 services with this account (from a browser or a device) you must:

  • use your full e-mail address ( as your username
  • use your Trojan Web Express password
  • if asked whether to login using a personal account or a school and work account always select the school and work account option

The following tags in this site indicate that specific content is most relevant to Students, to Employees, or that it is relevant to both Students and Employees:

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How do I check my e-mail?

To access your e-mail via a Web browser visit:

Students have already been migrated to the new system. Employees will be migrated on a scheduled basis; you will be contacted by IT staff prior to the migration of your account.

You will still be able to access your (new) e-mail by using the Trojan E-mail links provided on and other Troy University websites. Your old e-mail account is still accessible at using your previous e-mail username and password.

For Students the full version of the Microsoft Office Suite is available to download and install as part of your new Office 365 account. This is optional; students are not required to install the software in order to use their e-mail accounts or the Web-based services. Employees need to contact the Helpdesk to request the installation of newer Microsoft Office software.

To access your e-mail from the Office 365 website, after you have signed in, you will need to click the icon in the upper left corner, next to the Office 365 title, and then click the Outlook tile, as demonstrated below:

Screen recording of selecting the Outlook tile

Accessing Office 365 again, from the same computer, may send you directly to Outlook until you clear your browser cache.

In order to check your Office 365 account from a desktop client or mobile device you will need to add your new account. Please select the e-mail client that you would like to setup for more information:

Why do I receive an error when I attempt to login to my Office 365 account?


We have provided an FAQ page to address many questions. However, if you have an additional question that is not covered by the materials in this site then we encourage you to send us your feedback (please include your e-mail address if you desire a response). Our answer to your question may be helpful to future visitors and added to this site.


Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password you may submit a Helpdesk ticket or call 1-800-414-5756 for assistance.

Helpdesk Support

For all other technical support needs please submit a Helpdesk ticket or call 1-334-670-4357 (HELP - Hours of Operation). Issues requiring assistance include: