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Known Issues and Limitations

This page lists known limitations of Office 365 services and software and other issues that users may encounter.

Mobile Devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Office Software (for Windows/Mac)

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Important Information
Many of the options available within OWA will have a direct impact on how certain aspects of your account are managed even when using a different e-mail client.
  • Default OWA behavior is for the Reply button to automatically Reply All
  • Only one phone number at a time may be used for text notifications in Rules; each time the number is changed it must be verified
  • Mailbox Rules support a maximum of 10 recipients (including text notifications) that can be used across all rules

Outlook (Desktop Clients)


Outlook 2013

  • Dragging meetings to a different calendar may trigger more invitations or update notifications
  • Meetings copied to a different calendar will not be updated properly when meeting details are changed
  • Instant Messaging features require installation of the Skype for Business application


Outlook for Mac (2011, 2016)