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Preparing for Office 365

We encourage all users to review this information before using the Office 365 account.

Microsoft Office 365 Web Portal Overview




Review Customizations (Old E-mail in Web Browser)

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Your e-mail messages will be migrated but any configuration changes made within Webmail ( will not be transferred. Prior to migration we encourage you to review the following within Webmail and to copy the information or make notes so you can recreate them in Office 365:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar Events
  • Tasks
  • Message Filters/Rules
  • Automatic Forwards
  • Signatures

Similar features setup within a desktop client such as Outlook will be unaffected. However, they will be associated with your old account so they will need to be modified or re-created to work with the Office 365 account.

Mailbox Cleanup (Old E-mail in Web Browser)

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All users are encouraged to remove unwanted messages from their e-mail accounts prior their account being migrated. Removal of these messages will help reduce the amount of time required to migrate e-mails into the new system. A step-by-step guide for cleaning up your e-mail account is available:

Review Your Current Version of Microsoft Office


Are you using Office 2007 or earlier?

Are you using Office 2010, Office 2013 (Windows), Office 2011 (Mac) or an IMAP client on your work computer(s)?

  • Your software does not require upgrading at this time
  • Clean up your mailbox folders
    • Delete any unnecessary messages
    • Empty your Deleted Items (Trash) folder

Do you use or share any departmental e-mail accounts?

  • Coordinate with other employees that access the same account before cleaning its mailbox
  • Notify IT staff of any additional departmental accounts that you use

Are you authorized to send to any distribution lists?

  • Write down, or save in a document, the e-mail addresses of the distribution lists that you use
  • Notify IT staff of the distribution lists that you are authorized to send to