End-User PC Best Practices

Usernames and Passwords

Users should change default passwords and use strong passwords. Passwords should not be shared. Passwords should not be written down.

Software Patch Updates

Be certain that applications and operating systems are up-to-date with patches.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software should be installed. Anti-virus software should be configured to update daily. Do not disable anti-virus software.

Firewall Software

While the university provides in-depth security defenses, all end-users are urged to not disable firewall software provided by the operating system vendor.

E-mail Management

Do not open unsolicited or unrecognized e-mail. Do not send confidential or sensitive information without proper authorization. University e-mail account should be used for university business only. Do not use e-mail systems other than the university e-mail system - mail.troy.edu.

Data Encryption

If maintaining confidential or sensitive data, be certain that data encryption of the network traffic and any local copy is enabled. Do not store confidential or sensitive data on external drives or media. Contact IT for assistance.

Web Browsing

Limit Web browsing to work-related sites. Be vigilant of downloading software or files from the Internet. Do not visit "adult" content sites.

Physical Security

Unauthorized physical access to an unattended device can result in harmful or fraudulent modification of data, fraudulent email use, or any number of other potentially dangerous situations. Log-off or lock the computer when leaving desks devices, or, device is unattended. Secure portable devices in the office and while traveling.

Unnecessary Application/Services

If a service is not necessary for the intended purpose or operation of the device, that application/service should not be running.

General Items

Instant messaging is discouraged. Visit the technology usage policy at https://www.troy.edu/epolicy/manuals/800.htm. Do not insert "found" USB drives, CD-ROM's, etc. If office keys are lost, contact campus security immediately.