Describe the benefit level of your document imaging project. Will it benefit one department, or does it have university-wide benefit?

It will benefit all 70% of all students at all sites and locations.

It will allow the three campus financial aid offices to become more efficient. We currently have complaints because paperwork needed at one campus is sent by the student to another location. This kind of complaint will decrease as will the delay caused by sending paper between locations to get it to the “right” campus.

We still have documents received this summer waiting to be filed – the documents are not in the student's file but are stacked. We have no file clerks other than students – there are fewer students available in summer which is peak season for financial aid applicants. The issue of finding a document that has not been filed will go away if we image documents and we will be able to put our “hands” on the paper submitted should there be a reason to review material a second time (as in second appeals after a decision has been made and the student submits additional documents).

If one of our student workers takes by mistake a stack of documents which are to be entered as received and files them, we have no way to recover from the mistake. If documents are entered as received then imaged but never filed, we will have a better way to recover. If documents are taken to be filed by mistake prior to imaging, we will have 30 days to discover the mistake and correct it. If not, we should discover the mistake with the quality control system prior to shredding the documents.

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