Document Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access the Document Imaging login page?

In order to access the document imaging login page, you must be connected to VPN prior to clicking on the following link. If you are not connected to VPN you will get "Page cannot be displayed" instead of the login prompt.

Always leave the Data Source as "AX_New" and do not let the browser memorize the password.

Login to Document Imaging


Login to Document Imaging

What are the correct scanner settings for Document Imaging?

Scanner Setup

Before clicking to scan a new document, you need to check and make sure that all of the scanner settings are correct.

Select the dropdown arrow next to the scanner and hammer icon. Select "Auto Feed".Select the dropdown arrow again and go to "Source", and Select "ADF Duplex".

Scanner Setup 1

Select the dropdown arrow next to the scanner and hammer icon again and click "Options"this time. Place a checkmark in the box "Remove blank pages" and move the slide two ticks to the left then hit ok. This option will allow for you to continue to scan both sides of the documents, but not include pages with no information. If you later find yourself missing Date or "Imaged" stamps on the back of the documents, come back and adjust this feature one way or the other to fit your needs.

Scanner setup 2

Select the dropdown arrow next to the scanner and hammer icon and click "Driver Configuration". Make sure the setting match the following then click ok:

Mode: Black and White

Page Size: Auto-Detection

Dots Pet Inch: 300 dpi (Fast mode)

Brightness: 125 (Please note, if you find pages you scan to be extremely dark then move this setting up and rescan)

Deskew: Disable

Margin: 0.00"

Scanning Side: Duplex

Feeding Option: Standard

Scanner Setup 3

What do I do if all the images in Document Imaging are a tiny red "X"?

If you are running into this problem, then most likely you are missing a plugin for your browser. The imaging system is fully supported on Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0. Firefox and IE 10.0 are NOT supported at this time.

In order to view or scan into the imaging system, you must have the irc plugins installed which require administrator privileges on the machine. When you access the system for the first time and try to view an Image, you should see a yellow bar at the top of your web browser saying that the site needs "" installed. Left-click on the yellow bar and select "Install ActiveX Control..."

Active X Setup 1

After selecting the install option, another box will pop up that looks similar to the image below. Select "Install" and it will install the IrcViewer plugin and you should now see the document's image. If you do not get the box below to show up once you click "Install ActiveX Control..." then you do not have administrative rights on your computer and you will need to proceed with placing a helpdesk ticket.

Active X Step 2


In addition to the Image plugin, there is one for scanning as well. If you do not have scanning rights, you will NOT be able to install this plugin. If your account needs to have access to scanning, please read the following KB article.

Where do I go to request a new Document Imaging Account?

The first time you attempt to Scan an image, you should receive a similar yellow ActiveX bar as pictured below. You will notice one difference is the file that it is trying to install. This file will be "". To enable scanning, go to the top of the page and Select "Page | Enable Scanning"

Active X Step 3


At this point, the process is the same as above. Left click on the ActiveX bar, and chose "Install ActiveX Control" then click "Install"

Active X Step 4

Active X Step 5