Departmental E-mail Accounts

A departmental account is a very useful tool for departments to use for electronic correspondence. Departmental accounts allows departments to have a single point of contact for students and perspective students to ask for information about individual departments. Departments can request a departmental account by contacting

Departmental accounts have a mailbox size limit of 750 mb.

All users are able to send and receive emails up to 10 mb.
If your mailbox becomes close to its size limitations, then you will receive a message stating:

"One or more messages could not be delivered to your mailbox because they would have put your mailbox disk usage over its quota. The system will keep trying to deliver these messages. To receive them, you must delete some old messages from your mailbox. Please make sure to empty your trash folder, as this still uses space in your mail folder."

If you receive the above message, you should remove old e-mails by logging into Trojan E-mail at .Delete old emails and then click the "[Empty]" link.