Troy University E-mail Distribution Lists

The student distribution lists are based on the student’s current active class registration and the current course location(s).

The faculty distribution lists are based on the employee’s home location and also their current teaching location.

The staff distribution lists are based on the employee’s current home location.

Each list is updated daily

IT requires approval from your Senior Vice Chancellor for any messages submitted to the TROY and All Users Distribution List.

  1. Develop the email message as you would like it to appear to the list.
  2. Forward a copy to your SVC (or their delegate) requesting approval to send to the distribution list.
  3. When approved, the message will need to be forwarded (or CC), with approval included, to
  4. Develop a new email that only has the information (and attachments if applicable) that you want the recipients to see and address the message to the approved distribution list.


Please note that IT cannot compose a message on your behalf. 

Distribution list of 50 members or less must be created within the individual’s email client.  This can be done by creating a Contact Group in the desktop Outlook Client or a Contact Group within OWA.
All request to create a distribution list must be submitted through a helpdesk ticket (  Please allow up to one week for the distribution list to be created.
Please provide the following information when requesting a list to be created:

  1. Major and Location Codes
  2. Frequency that the list will be used (One time, once a year/semester/etc)
The desired name of the list


DISTRIBUTION LIST AUDIENCE MODERATORS All Faculty – All Campuses Troy All Staff – All Campuses Troy All Students – All Campuses Troy All Users – All Campuses Troy Faculty – Troy Campus Troy Staff – Troy Campus Troy Students – Troy Campus Troy All Users – Troy Campus Troy Faculty – Dothan Campus Dothan Staff – Dothan Campus Dothan Students – Dothan Campus Dothan All Users – Dothan Campus Dothan Faculty – Montgomery Campus Montgomery Staff – Montgomery Campus Montgomery Students – Montgomery Campus Montgomery Faculty & Staff – Montgomery Campus Montgomery All Users – Montgomery Campus Montgomery Faculty – Columbus Campus Columbus/Phenix Staff – Columbus Campus Columbus/Phenix Students – Columbus Campus Columbus/Phenix Faculty – Phenix Campus Columbus/Phenix Staff – Phenix Campus Columbus/Phenix Students – Phenix Campus Columbus/Phenix All Alabama Area Employees – Faculty & Staff Troy All Alabama Area Faculty Troy All Alabama Area Students Troy All Alabama Area Employees & Students Troy


Troy Campus:
Amanda Rainey
Skip Busby

Montgomery Campus:
Sharon Gant

Dothan Campus:
George Faint
Amber Pittman
Amy Farver
Sandra Henry

Columbus/Phenix City:
Adam Trant