Subject: Important Federal Income Tax Information

Troy University Students:

Get ahead during the tax filing season by taking advantage of Troy University’s enhanced electronic tax information service.  This service will allow you to electronically review and print your form 1098-T from anywhere when you log on to 

The University is required to provide this form to students and the Internal Revenue Service.  The 1098-T provides tuition, fee, scholarship, and grant information to students and the Internal Revenue Service. Filing the 1098-T with the revenue service indicates that the student may be eligible for tax related benefits.  Please consult with your tax advisors to determine how your payments to the University affect your tax situation.

In order to receive your form electronically, you must consent to this delivery system. 

The system provides the ability to download an IRS-approved 1098-T for 2017, with your tuition and fee information pre-populated.

Please log in to Trojan Web Express and click on the 1098 Electronic Consent link under Financial Information and give your consent today. This consent will apply to your 2017 tax year and all subsequent years.

If you wish to authenticate the source of this request, you can visit and compare the text of the consent email you received with the consent text posted to our website.

We hope the convenience of accessing your 1098-T form electronically will help with the preparation of your tax return.