Conficker Virus

Troy Community:

Conficker Virus

April 1st is tomorrow and, as you probably already know, the Conficker Worm "C" variant is supposed to activate.

All PC’s connecting to the Troy University network, configured by the Office of Information Technology have the proper settings to mitigate infection by the Conficker Worm(s).

Machines that are properly patched and running an up to date antivirus are not at risk. Troy University constituents have access to the McAfee Anti-Virus product at

All end-users who log into the TrojanNet intranet are less susceptible to the virus due to security provisions within TrojanNet.; TrojanNet is available to local Troy network users only.

We strongly recommend that all machines under your control be checked for patches and antivirus definition files to ensure that they are not vulnerable.

Troy University’s McAfee software is configured to update automatically, if installed properly.
For information from Microsoft regarding the Conficker worm, please visit

In addition, common sense things such as strong passwords, not opening strange emails and smart web surfing can help protect your systems.