FrontDoor Laptop Loss and Recovery Software

FrontDoorSoftware is software that not only helps you prevent theft, but protects your information and assists with recovery of your stolen laptop. Installations include laptop registration, new talk feature, and 4 years of software tracking service Protect your laptop, information, music, emails and pictures for free today.

How will FrontDoorSoftware help prevent theft, protect your information, and assist with recover of your stolen laptop?

FrontDoorSoftware gives you up to 9 powerful features designed to help you get your laptop back fast.

  1. Theft Prevention Security Ownership Display Screen - The first screen someone sees when they turn on your computer and dramatically increases your chances of recovery. Update up to 9 fields of information at any time as you move or travel. Many asset tag companies report up to 80% recovery rates suggesting 4 out of 5 people are honest. Thousands of missing laptops at airports, hotels, etc. could be returned simply by displaying owner info.
  2. Audible Theft Prevention Alert Communication tool - Turn on a start-up audible security alert message that plays once at boot-up to help prevent theft. Organizations controlling multiple computers can send Text and Talk/Voice messages to users anytime.
  3. Proof of Ownership and Asset Management Tool - Automatically collects the machine address.
  4. Blast a 'STOLEN COMPUTER' message to the laptop - This helps prevent thief resale.
  5. Lock it Down - You can send a 1-50 character lockdown code that you create to the missing computer to try to help protect your information
  6. Update your security alert ownership display screen - Update your ownership recovery information from remote, and even send a text message to the thief.
  7. Yell at the thief - Turn on our laptop SHOUT for help talking feature. Now you have the ability to try to tell the thief what you think. You can use our standard message which will repeat when you check the STOLEN tab, or customize your own personal message.
  8. Send a TEXT message to the thief - In addition to the 8 fields of ownership information fields available, you can also type out a message and send it to a display text box on the laptop security screen
  9. Track it using Google maps - FrontDoorSoftware security program can also try to send out the location that it is communicating from if it senses any high speed internet connection in the area as it boots up. If your laptop is lost or stolen, and someone turns on your laptop, your FrontDoorSoftware program will try to send out information that will help you find it.

FrontDoor Software

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