Web Development

Establish a New Website

Before you begin:

  1. Get approval from your supervisor

  2. Determine the best placement of the Website

    Placement is usually determined by who the target audience is. Content that applies to all current students may need to go on trojan.troy.edu. Information only relevant to faculty and staff will probably go to trojan.troy.edu/employees.

  3. Contact your local Webmaster (and schedule a meeting, if desired)

    If you do not know who your Webmaster is you may send an e-mail to webarchitect@troy.edu for assistance.

  4. Gather content for the Website

    Work with your departmental faculty and staff to determine what information should go into the Website

  5. Organize the content (including navigation/menu links)

  6. Decide how you expect visitors will find your Website

    Links to your site may need to be added to other pages outside of your Website. In such cases it is best to seek approval from all involved parties. 

  7. Notify your Webmaster if planning to use video, audio, large files, or third-party Web services.

  8. Seek template exemptions prior to beginning work

    If you have a special need to deviate from the standard template you will need to mention this to your Webmaster and seek approval from Marketing and Communication.

Building a Website:

  1. Submit a Helpdesk ticket to your Webmaster

    Include basic details and any comments regarding navigation that may better explain information that is not included in attached documents

  2. Review content before the site goes live

  3. Send updates to the Webmaster via the Helpdesk

  4. Once the site is ready send a request to have new links to the site activated