TeamDynamix Helpdesk

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) replaced the Parature helpdesk system with TeamDynamix on January 1, 2018. The new helpdesk system offers a number of improvements over the previous one. Most noticeable to end-users is the availability of a services catalog that provides a complete list of services organized in logical categories, providing users with information about these services and a more direct route to submitting requests.   

The TeamDynamix helpdesk is available at the previous web address. All departments that offer support via our current helpdesk will continue to do so in the new system. Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers several questions that you may have. We’ve also provided an overview of How to Submit a Helpdesk Ticket as well as a brief video that demonstrates using the product.

Features include:

  • View your tickets from the homepage
  • Save frequently used services to My Favorites
  • Faculty and staff training schedule
  • IT alerts and outages
  • Search your previous tickets
  • Single sign-on using Trojan Web Express/TrojanPass
  • Private and publicly-available knowledgebase articles
TeamDynamix Helpdesk Screenshot

Logging In (Single Sign-On)

You will log into the new helpdesk solution using your Trojan Web Express/TrojanPass username and password. If you are unable to login to the system please call 334-670-HELP or visit our TrojanPass page for more information.

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is a list of resources and offerings available in our helpdesk solution. In the Parature system these services were commonly referred to as a Problem Type. By accessing the Service Catalog users can view all services that are supported through our helpdesk. Services can be found by browsing categories or by search.

Service Catalog Screenshot