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Instant Enrollment/Continuing Education

The Instant Enrollment workflow allows a person known or unknown to Datatel to register and pay for any course, all in one web session.  Registration and payments are processed online and now available through Trojan Web Express. 


Gigibit Switch

Connected a Gigabit switch for School of Business in their server room to enhance server connectivity for their departmental servers.

Wireless Network

Networking built a wireless network for School of Education for teaching methods specific to Apple products.



Imaging Toolbar Test

Systems has been working closely with Financial Aid and our imaging vendor with testing of an add-on toolbar for the Document Imaging System.  The toolbar will allow the user to retrieve supporting documents from the imaging system while they are working within WebUI. 

Imaging Training

During the month of August 2013, Systems offered two training sessions that covered the WebExtender interface for imaging.  In these training sessions users were shown features that they may not have been aware of and how to use the system more efficiently using shortcuts, functions, and advanced query searches.

Art Department Server

Assisting the Art department in leveraging the spectrum server to transfer lab assignments to and from students.

Document Imaging Transcript Report

Systems created a customized report from the imaging system containing the number of transcripts scanned for eTroy.


Technical Services and eSystems

Library Computer

An all-in-one computer setup in the library for student use was having issues and was not repairable.  Technical Services reached out to our Lenovo rep for additional help and Lenovo sent a replacement all-in-one PC since the other could not be repaired.

Patterson Hall

Technical Services reconfigured Deep Freeze software in Patterson Hall to be more efficient on May 3, 2013.  Deep Freeze helps maintain the life of the PC by managing updates during a scheduled thaw time and reboots daily to prevent any malicious threats by malware or virus. On May 16, 2013, PAT Hall has received 17 new computers for the classrooms and Technical Services created an image for the new PC’s.  The image included IT standard setup and also included McAfee 8.8, VLC, QuickTime, SPSS software and MS Office 2010.  A new Deep Freeze configuration was completed and installed on the 17 PC’s to protect from virus and malware intrusions.  The old PC’s are being stored in the closet on the third floor until notified of their destination. On July 9, 2013, Technical Services completed the project of cleaning up and re-imaging 17 old computers that was replaced this year for Pat Hall.  The old PC’s was upgraded to Windows 7 operating system and configured to IT standard setup process.  Two of the PC’s were unrepairable and will be sent to Asset Management by Academic Support.

Social Services Lab

On May 15, 2013, Technical Services completed the upgrade to the lab for Human Services, Rehab and Social Work and added 10 additional PC’s to the 65 total.  The lab now consist of 75 computers set up for classes and testing environment.  Since some PC’s are not updating correctly and others are not working properly. 

GIS Geography Lab

Technical Services assessed the Geography GIS lab in MSCX on April 18, 2013.  This lab has 28 PC’s with a projector installed some special software for GIS.  We quoted Deep Freeze software and will update the lab with the software as soon as the software is delivered.  Two PC’s would not start up resulting in bad power supplies within the PC.  Technical Services located old unusable computers in Asset Management inventory to get the power supply part out of and installed in the lab PC’s on May 9, 2013.  This resulted in not having to purchase two new computers and saved departmental funds by recycling.  On May 21, 2013, the lab was updated to include a new version of McAfee 8.8 and created new student accounts on each PC and activated MS Office 2010. 

Kinesiology and Health Lab

On May 30, Technical Services created an imaged for four PC’s for the KHP lab.  The imaged included MS Office, SPSS software and a configuration package of the Deep Freeze for the computers was added.  Deep Freeze software helps maintain the life of the PC by managing updates during a scheduled thaw time and reboots daily to prevent any malicious threats by malware or virus.

College of Education

Technical Services created an image for 10 new computers for College of Education.  The image included IT standard setup and also included McAfee 8.8, SPSS software and MS Office 2010.  A new Deep Freeze configuration will be completed and installed on the 10 PC’s to protect from virus and malware intrusions by the Technology Coordinator.

Theatre Box Office

On May 23, 2013, Technical Services inspected two PC’s, from the Box Office for malware and virus intrusions.  After running malware and virus free programs, the computers were cleaned from various findings.

Library All-in-One PC

Technical Services is working with Lenovo Support and our Lenovo rep on an issue with an all-in-one PC from the library.  After replacing 4 parts in the unit, Lenovo has decided to send a replacement for the all-in-one computer. Since Lenovo has to build the replacement unit, the shipping date is set for June 6th.

Malone Art Lab

The week of June 3rd, Technical Services setup and configured 16 new iMacs for the Art lab in Malone 201.  Configuration included the install of MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite Design and Web Premium software, setup and configured an Elmo Document camera along with an Epson ceiling mounted projector.


On June 26, 2013, Technical Services completed the process of setting up 12 computers for staff members in the library.  These laptops and desktops consisted of IT’s normal setup with data transfer.


On August 7, 2013, Technical Services replaced and completed the install of 19 new computers in the ESL lab.  Also, configured Deep Freeze software on the PC’s in order to help improve the security of each unit from viruses and malware.  Some of the old PC’s will be reconfigured to be used in other areas in Pace Hall, others will be stored in IT in case they are needed as replacements in different departments on campus. 

Pace Hall

On August 16, Technical Services completed five desktop setups and data transfer for faculty members in ESL Department.  Also, completed seven laptop setups and transfer of data as well for other staff in Pace Hall.

Placement Testing Lab

On September 6, 2013, Technical Services imaged and setup 22 computers in the Placement Testing Lab in Eldridge Hall.  The setup included IT’s standard process with Office 2010 and the PC’s were completed with the install of Deep Freeze software and the configuration package.

College of Education Workflow Development (College of Education)

During the month of September 2013, eSystems continued working with representatives from the College of Education to develop an automated workflow for the Request for Use of College of Education Faculty Material form. Currently we are awaiting the workflow to be developed by the Web Team.

Records Workflow Development (Registrar)

On September 6, 2013, eSystems met with Vickie Miles and Jerri Carroll to discuss the development of an automated workflow for the Transient Authorization Form. Changes to the process were discussed and modifications to the form began.  During the month of September 2013, eSystems continued to work on the development of an automated workflow for the Transient Authorization Form.

Stadium Tower Lab (College of Health and Human Services)

On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Technical Services set up ten additional computers for the Stadium Tower Athletic Lab on the 3rd floor. This lab will be used by athletes to write papers, take tests, and conduct research. Also, Deep Freeze was configured and installed on the new computers.

Geomatics Lab (College of Arts & Sciences)

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013, Technical Services created an image and set up twenty new computers for the Geomatics Lab in MSCX. These computers will replace older, outdated computers.  Students will be using the lab to learn and create maps utilizing the specialized software.

Student Support Services Lab (Center for Student Success)

On Friday, September 27, 2013, Technical Services imaged and set up nine new computers which included installing the new McAfee 8.8, Office and all updates.  These computers replaced outdated computers and will be used for students to do homework, research, and testing. Also, Deep Freeze was configured and installed on the new computers.

Education Lab Upgrade

30 Lenovo All-in-one desktop computers where installed in Pitts Hall, P127. The computers are running Windows 7 and Office 2010 and provide a clutter free work environment.

Instructor Podium Equipment Upgrade

The instructor podium in Pitts Hall, Room P127 was upgraded with a Crestron switcher to allow instructors to easily change projector inputs from the podium desktop computer to the document camera with a push-button panel control. Additional input features where added to include HDMI input to the projector allowing for the use of Apple TV and the ability for instructors to connect their own laptops.

Digital Signage Upgrade

New Visix digital signs were installed in Pitts Hall allowing not only campus specific digital content to be displayed but the local weather forecast and CNN news RSS feed as well.

Montgomery Classroom Computers

Montgomery IT recently completed the upgrade of all classroom computers to Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Video Conferencing Classrooms

Video conferencing equipment from closed Troy locations in Colorado has been reinstalled in Atlanta and Columbus for classroom use.


Activity Insight (Digital Measures) Update

The most recent import of faculty accounts, degree information and course information (scheduled teaching) from Datatel into Activity Insight has been completed. Users with new accounts that are having problems logging in, or that find their degree information requires further updates, may submit a Helpdesk for assistance.

Trojan One Stop

Administrative staff from multiple departments collaborated to create a new page for students that includes links to commonly accessed resources and news related to Records, Financial Aid, and Student Financial Services. IT staff used the provided information to create the page at The new page was published on July 17th.

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