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Ellucian Recruiter Implementation

The Recruiter software allows for personalized messages to be delivered to prospects through multiple medias and tracks.  The software analyzes the performance of recruiting efforts and provides predictive modeling projections.  The Troy Implementation team is working the week of 09/23/13 to prepare for configurations of communications needed for the onsite consulting visit in early October.  IT is also working with the custom group from Ellucian to prepare the Troy Institution file clean up. 


VPN Accounts

Continued work on VPN accounts for addition and removal for recruiters in the field.


IT Networking is currently working with AT&T to see what increases can be made for bandwidth to the Development Building located on Hwy 231.  AT&T will be submitting 2 proposals for evaluation.

Technical Services and eSystems

Alumni Affairs

On September 18, 2013, Technical Services completed the process of setting up four computers for staff members in the Alumni Affairs.  These desktop setup consisted of IT’s normal setup with data transfer, and included McAfee 8.8 and MS Office 2010.


Military/Veterans Portal

The new Website representing the TROY for Troops Center was launched on July 17th. The portal services as a central point of information for prospective military/veteran students. The site is available at and it is mobile-friendly. Transition

Last year the Website was redesigned. The hosting and management was transferred to the third-party advertising firm. This summer IT was notified in advance that the contract with Troy University's advertising firm would end on September 30th. As a result, hosting of the site had to be transferred back to the Troy, AL Data Center. In addition, it was converted from a dynamic, Joomla CMS to a static Website that could operate within the security constraints of the IT Web server.
Members of the Web Team captured content from the externally hosted site and used the data to construct a new version of the Website that is functionally very different but appeared to visitors to be the same. Numerous problems with the previous site, including bad links and unnecessary Web pages (duplicated and out-of-date) were corrected prior to launch. After IT corrected critical issues and made the appropriate modifications the site was established on a server at the Troy, AL Data Center on September 20th and management/access to the site was provided to Marketing and Communication. In addition, the "" domain was updated to forward visitors to "". IT continues to provide Marketing and Communication with assistance and guidance for management of the site, as needed.

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