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Judicial Affairs Project

The Judicial Affairs software provides instruction on how to record Judicial Affairs incidents in Colleague, including updating new information, scheduling hearings, recording hearing results, and closing the incident.  The software also allows for tracking of disciplinary actions as a result of a Judicial Affairs incident, including how to enforce the actions.  The set up for testing is currently complete for this project.  IT is working with Student Services to test the software at this time.

Informer Reporting/Dashboard

Entrinsik Informer is an agile, web-based reporting business intelligence solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources without requiring an ETL process.  Informer’s flexible, highly securable architecture performs queries against LIVE data from various source systems.  IT is continuing to migrate existing reports to the Informer format.  The Reporting Portal has also been established to house new Informer reports. 


Streaming Media Devices

After several requests and meeting with Herb Reeves, Networking is currently working on a way to allow streaming media devices such as Roku, AppleTV, App Enabled Blu-Ray Players, Smart TV’s, etc.

Datatel Printers

Networking is currently evaluating different printer models for replacement of old and failing LP printers for Datatel.




Systems assisted Housing in setting up an import of Student ID photos from the Blackboard ID system into the Housing system.  This allows Housing to quickly identify students and to assist University police to ensure campus safety


An upgrade is scheduled for Christmas 2013

Conduct Management

Systems is working with Student Services in evaluating software for Conduct Management Software.

Virtualized Server

Montgomery IT department recently installed a virtualized servers and Storage Area Network system.  This will allow us to migrate several of our older servers to a more reliable and redundant environment with larger storage capacity.  Some of our existing servers are over 10 years old and are running outdated programs.

Installation of Palo Alto Network Device

A Palo Alto device was installed on the Phenix City network to provide multiple threat prevention techniques which include file and content blocking and URL filtering.


Technical Services and eSystems

IT Lab

On May 29, 2913, Technical Services reconfigured 30 computers in the IT lab which included installing Visio and Project software and re-imaged one PC that was corrupt. 


On May 28, 2013, Technical Services scheduled and completed a campus visit, with a VBrick representative to complete the upgrade on the in-house testing equipment.  Due to time restraints and classes in the testing room, the VBrick rep took the equipment back to his office to reconfigure and complete the upgrade.  Vbrick is a streaming video solution that can capture live video content and distribute it over networks or devices, which will be used in classrooms. 

Adobe Changes

On May 29, 2013, Technical Services and a Web team member hosted a meeting with our Adobe rep Rick Volkmann.  He discussed upcoming changes within Adobe concerning licensing, their new Creative Cloud and Digital Publishing Suite (for publishing mobile apps).  Some licenses are still available and some will be by subscriptions only.

Ellucian Meeting

On June 7, 2013, Technical Services setup and configured twelve computers and monitors in the IT Extended Area.  Ellucian representatives will be using the area and equipment for a meeting and group work projects.


On June 20, 2013, Technical Services received 22 All-in-One PC's to set up for a new testing lab for IRPE.  After an image was created, the computers were configured and completed on June 26, 2013 with MS Office 2010, the new McAfee 8.8 and IT settings. On July 11, 2013, Technical Services completed the setup of 22 All-in-One PC's for a new testing lab for Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness Department. The units were completed with the install of Deep Freeze software and the configuration package.

Secunia Software Testing

The week of July 8th and 15th, Technical Services assisted with testing a new Secunia software.  The Secunia CSI is an authenticated internal vulnerability scanner, capable of assessing the security state of practically all legitimate programs running on Microsoft Windows platforms and supports scanning on PC, Apple Mac OSX, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platforms.

Deep Freeze

The week of July 15, Technical Services started working on enhancing our Deep Freeze utilization process.  Scripts have been written to allow additional updates to process during the thaw period.  Testing the scripts in the Deep Freeze environment will continue as time permits.

Faronics Insight

On July 25, 2013, Technical Services installed Faronics Insight software in the IT Lab.  The software will allow the teacher‘s console to monitor and control the lab computers, assist students with problems and communicate to the entire lab from one central computer.

IT Summit Preparation

On July 22, 2013, Technical Services conducted a technology inventory list of items needed for the upcoming Summit. For the week of August 5, 2013, Technical Services created images for laptops and desktops to get ready for the IT Summit in August.  The computers were used in each class by presenters and participants, also were used in the Internet Cafe. The week of August 19th, Technical Services continued setting up and testing for Troy’s annual 2013 IT summit. Once all testing was concluded, last minute preparations were  completed for setting up the portable lab for participants to use, as well as set up the Internet Café, tables, projectors, microphones, and testing WebEx in each classroom.

McAfee False Positive

On August 1, 2013, an issue arose with McAfee deleting items that should not have been deleted. The problems has been resolved with McAfee. However there were a number of computers here at Troy that were affected. Technical services checked and repaired the computers that were affected.

Microsoft Outlook 365 Meeting

On September 12, 2013, Technical Services attended a demonstration from Microsoft regarding Outlook 365. 

Web Transition

Last year the Website was redesigned. The hosting and management was transferred to the third-party advertising firm. This summer IT was notified in advance that the contract with Troy University's advertising firm would end on September 30th. As a result, hosting of the site had to be transferred back to the Troy, AL Data Center. In addition, it was converted from a dynamic, Joomla CMS to a static Website that could operate within the security constraints of the IT Web server.

Members of the Web Team captured content from the externally hosted site and used the data to construct a new version of the Website that is functionally very different but appeared to visitors to be the same. Numerous problems with the previous site, including bad links and unnecessary Web pages (duplicated and out-of-date) were corrected prior to launch. After IT corrected critical issues and made the appropriate modifications the site was established on a server at the Troy, AL Data Center on September 20th and management/access to the site was provided to Marketing and Communication. In addition, the "" domain was updated to forward visitors to "". IT continues to provide Marketing and Communication with assistance and guidance for management of the site, as needed.

Impulse Design

The Web Team is collaborating with the Networking division to provide an updated design for the Impulse authentication system (network authentication) pages. Updated Impulse pages will be mobile-friendly and also offer a more modern appearance that is aligned with current Web design principles.

IT Website Redesign

A redesign of the IT Website was launched on August 7th. The new edition of the site offers updated navigation paths and a responsive design. The previous version of the site was optimized only for desktop Web browsers. The responsive framework automatically changes the design of the site to offer a better experience for visitors regardless of the device used to access the Website. As a result the IT Website is mobile-friendly. The redesign can be viewed by visiting

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