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Datatel Documentation

Current Datatel documentation is available on Datatel's web site, under the 'For Our Clients' section.

You will need to use the 'For Our Clients' login supplied to you by Datatel to access this section.

Datatel Documentation

Submit a Datatel Query Request

To Submit a Datatel Query Request please complete a Helpdesk Ticket.

New Datatel Account Request (Access to Datatel)

Your supervisor must submit the request for a Datatel and/or VPN account on your behalf. They should follow the instructions below for submitting this request.

To submit a request for a new Datatel account, create a new help desk ticket. Select "New Datatel Account" from the "Problem Type" list and complete the rest of the ticket. If you only need a VPN account, also create a new help desk ticket and select "New Datatel Account" from the "Problem Type" list but enter the system you need VPN access to in the "Access Like" field and enter the statement "VPN Access Only" in the "Details" Field.

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Unidata Documentation

Unidata Documentation (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader )

Unidata Documentation is provided through the IBM website. IBM no longer provides Unidata Documentation in CD Format.

Find Your Employee (Datatel) ID Number

You will need to authenticate using your TROY email username and password.

Find Your Employee (Datatel) ID Number

WEB UI 4.4 Frequently Asked Questions

Click the link below for a series of questions that we are frequently asked.


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