Active Directory

What is Active Directory?

The Information Technology department is in the process of building a new identity management system for all students, faculty, and staff. Microsoft’s directory system, Active Directory (AD), is the system that has been selected. Active Directory offers a more advanced level of integration with a variety of products already being used by the university. The implementation of Active Directory provides several benefits to our students and employees, including those responsible for managing technology-based services.

As an “end-user”, an individual who uses the services that we, and others, provide, you will be able to use the same login credentials for accessing different systems. For example, your Trojan Web Express account has already been linked to Active Directory. When you login to Trojan Web Express you are using your Active Directory account.

In the near future your username and password for other services will be merged into your Active Directory account. This is a significant step toward offering a single sign-on environment.

Administration of your credentials via Active Directory will empower technology managers to more quickly provide access to different systems.

Active Directory FAQ

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