Internet Access

To All Students:

The University is now allowing –Streaming Media Devices” such as Roku, AppleTV, SmartTVês, WiFi enabled Blu-Ray Players, Chromecast, etc. In order to use these devices, students will need to connect them to the building WiFi name –RESNET-(building name)” just as you would your computer, phone, or other mobile device. These devices will not need to be registered at this time, nor do they have to authenticate to the network. IT has scheduled a substantial increase in bandwidth in the coming days. IT is working the service providers to complete the installation and upgrades.

All students must ensure their computers have updated anti-virus software installed in addition to the latest system updates before connecting to our network. Failure to properly protect a computer may result in the computer becoming infected with malware and possibly being blocked from the network. Please visit the Software section for information about anti-virus and related software.

Connecting to Our Network

Network Authenticated Login

Impulse is a Network Access Control system designed for authenticating login access to the Troy University Network. Troy University, in accordance with compliance regulations, will require a login to the network in order to gain access to the Internet, e-mail, and other online resources.

Visit our Impulse - Network Authenticated Login page for more information.

Network Authenticated Login Information


General Information

Internet access in the dormitories is distributed using an Ethernet network. Generally, computers come with an Ethernet network port on the computers main board or installed as an add-on card. If your computer does not have this type of port you will need to purchase one. These cards are typically inexpensive and easy to install. For desktop systems we recommend that you purchase a PCI Ethernet Network card. Notebook systems typically accept PCMCIA Ethernet Network cards, which are about the size of a credit card. Desktop and notebook systems will both accept USB Ethernet adapters. These recommendations are based on the average computer, which is usually a Windows based system operating Windows 2000 or newer. Please read additional information below regarding specific operating systems, as some systems are no longer supported.

The Information Technology department does not connect unsupported operating systems to our network for students. If a student is using a computer with an operating system that we do not support then it will be the student's responsibility to configure the hardware and software to connect to the network.

The student must ensure that one's computer has the latest security updates installed including updated anti-virus software and firewall software. Failure to properly maintain the security of a computer system may result in the computer being blocked from the network, thus resulting in an interruption of Internet services.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10

Unsupported Operating Systems

Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT

Wireless Internet

The IT department has installed and maintains several wireless access points throughout each campus that are available for student use.

For a list of Academic Areas and Recreational Areas where wireless access is available.

Visit the Wireless Access Page

Resident Students (Troy Campus)

Broad-band Internet access is provided to all students living at the Troy Campus, with the exception of students living in Married Student Housing or the fraternity houses. To access the Internet in their rooms each student will need a computer with an Ethernet network port and an Ethernet/LAN cable to connect our network. Residential student housing with Internet access provided by Troy University includes the following:

  • Rushing Hall Building 1000
  • Rushing Hall Building 2000
  • Clements Hall
  • Cowart Hall
  • Fraternity Houses
  • Hamil Hall
  • Hillcrest House
  • Honors Cottage
  • Married/Student Housing*
  • Newman 100
  • Newman 200
  • Pace Hall
  • Paden House
  • Shackelford Hall
  • Sorority Houses
  • Trojan Village Building 100
  • Trojan Village Building 200
  • Trojan Village Building 300
  • Gerald O. Dial Hall

* Internet access at this location is provided by a local Internet Service Provider.

Wireless Gaming Network (Troy Campus)

For information on connecting wireless gaming consoles to the TROY network, click the link below.

Wireless Game Console Setup

Blocked Peer to Peer Applications

Included below is a link to a list of peer to peer applications that have been administratively blocked from Troy University networks:

Blocked Peer to Peer Applications