Administrative Systems Security Access Authorization Process

In order to access any Troy University administrative system, the end-user must apply for access to each system.

Access to university email accounts is the only exception. Student access to email is automatically generated based upon enrollment status. For employees of the university, an active HR record is generated once the employment process is complete. Following HR record activation, the new employee may apply for email account activation. For information related to staff email accounts, please visit the following URL:

E-mail Account Information

Troy IT offers an electronic application process for administrative software access. The submission is reviewed by Troy IT, the end-user supervisor, and data security class administrators of the software before the account is created. You will be contacted via telephone by Troy IT staff members when the account is authorized. The following URL details the electronic processes for administrative system authorization:

Employee Information

All access to Troy University administrative systems occurs within a secure computing framework. All data is passed through encrypted processes and full-audit details of all account activity is logged. Your access to university administrative systems is governed by strict university, state and federal policy. Please review computing usage policies at the following URL:

Technology Policies