Internet Explorer 11 Retirement - Users Redirected to Microsoft Edge

April 28, 2022

TROY Community:

Internet Explorer 11 will be retired by Microsoft and no longer supported this summer. In order to assist our users with this transition before support ends, and critical security updates are no longer provided, we have applied a small update to University-owned Windows systems that will redirect users away from using IE 11 and instead present them with Microsoft Edge. Based on our information this represents a small percentage of our user base.

Users of Internet Explorer 11 will observe the following changes:

  • IE 11 icons on the Start Menu, and on the task bar, will be removed
  • Shortcuts and files associated with IE 11 will be redirected to open in Microsoft Edge
  • Attempting to run the iexplorer.exe application will launch Microsoft Edge instead
  • Users may be presented with a message any time they attempt to open IE 11 after this update has been applied
    IE notification box

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