Canvas Update

Known Issues

In the interest of openness, we’ve listed issues that TROY users have encountered. Unfortunately, every problem you may encounter may not be listed below. Please report other issues here

Known Issues Details
Google Chrome 69 and Flash The media feature, which uses Flash, does not initialize in Chrome.
Drag & Drop in Gradebook Users are unable to drag/drop columns as the webpage does not automatically scroll.
Excel Spreadsheets Graphs Microsoft Excel graphs in SpeedGrader either does not appear or does not match the downloaded version.
Exam access in Speedgrader using iPad Some instructors are unable to grade an exam in Speedgrader using iPad. Speedgrader would not load the quiz.
Student Groups and the Canvas App Students are unable to access or communicate with groups inside the Canvas Student App.

Canvas Feature Enhancements & Updates

This section summarizes recent feature enhancements and updates that directly impact Canvas Instructors, TA’s, and Students.

  • Non-scoring Rubric (Instructor)- Rubrics can be created without point values to create a non-scoring rubric. This feature promotes learning engagement by helping students focus on assignment feedback instead of point values.

  • Gradebook- Optional (Instructor) The New Gradebook is a beta feature that allows instructors to view an improved version of the Gradebook. This feature makes grading more flexible and intuitive and elevates the Gradebook user experience. The new gradebook includes all the current gradebook features.

  • Card Sorter (Instructor & Student) - Allows the rearrangement of course cards on the Canvas Dashboard by dragging and dropping the course tile to its new location.

  • Dashboard- To Do List View (Instructor & Student)- The Dashboard includes an option to view all course tasks in a list format. In addition to displaying automatically populated graded items on the “To Do” list, the redesigned view allows instructors to add non-graded items to the “To Do” list and students to add their own items to the “To Do” items.

  • Scheduler (Instructor & Student)- The scheduler feature has an updated interface and improved functionality. Instructors can create a “Scheduler Appointment Group” as a new tab in the Add Event window. Students can find appointments with the Find Appointments button in the Calendar sidebar and display an appointments window.

  • Moderated Grading Excused Assignment Exemptions (Final Grader & Graders)- Only final graders can excuse students from assignments in SpeedGrader.

  • Respondus Monitor User Interface (Instructor)- The dashboard has a fresh new look that includes a “Review Priority” scoring system (Low, Medium, High) that provides instructors an easy way to identify exam sessions that require deeper scrutiny. Power users of Respondus Monitor were notified about the upgrade to the feature and training has been scheduled. The link to training

  • Turnitin Plagiarism Framework (Instructor)- allows any Canvas created assignment to be reviewed for plagiarism. It streamlines the grading process by allowing the Turnitin Similarity Index for a student’s submission to be accessed via Canvas SpeedGrader and Gradebook. Instructors can also allow students to submit multiple files for a single assignment with each file being analyzed by Turnitin. A training session has been scheduled for Faculty on August 16th @ 10 am. This session will be recorded and available for those that are unable to attend training. Power users of Turnitin were notified about the upgrade to the feature and training has been scheduled.  The link to the training session is

  •  Camtasia 2018 (Instructor)-Camtasia has released a new version that includes brand new assets, theming, and performance improvements. For a closer look at all the new features that Camtasia 2018 offers, click this link.

Canvas Feature Requests

We value your opinion and input from existing users is an important part of how Instructure-Canvas prioritizes work on new and existing features. To vote on an existing idea, please click on the links below.

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