IT Update

Summer 2013 Issue

A Message from the CTO:

IT continues to work hard to maintain a seamless infrastructure for all of Troy's needs. We hope you enjoy reading the IT Update.

The 2013 IT Summit approaches. Last year, hundreds of employees participated in the training event. This year, we have expanded the scope of the IT Summit to include training on a wide-variety of topics. Please visit the IT Summit training website at Extensive, hands-on training from subject matter experts will highlight this year's event. Key activities at this year's summit include an opportunity to interact with the new Recruiter management platform, participate in the mandatory end-user security training and witness the debut of many new solutions that have been designed to increase end-user productivity. Watch your email for updates to the event, August 28 - August 30.

All employees with access to privileged systems will have to participate in annual security training in order to maintain access to the resources. The training will be exhibited at the IT Summit, then online. Increasing security awareness among Troy's user community is a fundamental component in Troy's information assurance efforts - an aware user is the best resource for combating the scores of opportunities that exist for nefarious digital activities.

Implementation of the Recruiter CRM began several months ago. The tool will provide a consolidated electronic services portfolio for managing the prospective student stream. A robust group of Troy staff are working quickly to deploy the tool.

As always, efforts to improve the web presences are underway. Some of the new enhancements are visible through the use of high-level aggregation sites. As an example, is a collection point for the myriad of resources available to Troy's internal audiences. A new site,, offers a quick and intuitive review of all of the major electronic communication systems offered by Troy University. Under development are new search tools, enhanced mobile presence and new prospective student recruiting site.

A new military and veterans support site debuted today: Please take an opportunity to visit these sites and offer suggestions or comments.

New technologies emerge constantly; contact IT if you need assistance in reviewing devices and/or software before purchasing.

Further development to the customer resource management solution has been exceptionally productive in the past few months. Review the update and contact IT if your support group has interest in participating in the solution.

The redesign of the ITAPS (Information Technology Accountability and Planning System) debuted in Winter 2012. Please visit the site,, to follow large IT projects.

In surveys and at the IT Summit forum, IT discussed the need for additional bandwidth. IT has developed a new solution for bandwidth management, we are in the final stages of increasing the services. In the Fall 2013 Welcome Back notice, additional information will be provided.

As always, continue to practice safe computing habits: do not share login credentials or personal data via email, do not leave applications running on an unattended PC.

This month's issue of SANS Ouch! Newsletter is especially interesting for those who seek guidance on the security issues associated with mini URL's and QR codes.



W. Greg Price

University Wide News

OUCH! Newsletter

This is the latest issue to a security publication, OUCH!, published by SANS. The Troy IT department is a participant in the project, Securing The Human, as the SANS institute; a benefit of our participation is free distribution of the OUCH! security newsletter.

Click HERE to read the OUCH! Newsletter


EchoSign Conference Call

On January 8, 2013, eSystems participated in a Conference Call with EchoSign to address issues EchoSign had with their service during December 2012.


Parature Bi-weekly Status Meeting

eSystems met with our dedicated service representative bi-weekly throughout the quarter to discuss all outstanding tickets that the University has with Parature.


Parature Reports

During the week of January 7, 2013, eSystems created and modified seven reports in Parature.

On February 1, 2013, eSystems modified all monthly reports to show the home location for all tickets as eTroy where the region equals eTroy. Also eSystems removed all instances of reports that detailed tickets with response time greater than 60 minutes. The Trojan WebExpress reports was split into two reports, one detailing TWE tickets for students and the other detailing TWE tickets for faculty/staff. A monthly and weekly report was added for Broadcast/Digital Network as well.

On February 8, 2013, eSystems scheduled all weekly reports to run automatically and be sent the Associate Vice Chancellor and idle alerts were added for the BDN queue.

On March 21, 2013, eSystems created 2 reports. One details the feedback received on tickets worked by Phenix City IT staff and the other details all feedback received for Trojan Web Express Tickets

On June 17, 2013, eSystems created and report that details the monthly trends and hourly trends for all Student Services tickets.


EchoSign Form Review

During the week of January 7, 2012, eSystems continued reviewing fifteen forms that could be deployed in the future.

During the week of January 21, 2012, eSystems continued reviewing fifteen forms that could be deployed in the future.


Parature Meeting

On January 23, 2013, eSystems met with our sales associate with Parature about the possibility of opening up chat to prospective students and to discuss the options available to us to achieve this. They are to have something for us to look at Monday, January 28, 2013.


IT Loaner Program

Technical Services is in the process of upgrading five laptops for IT's Loaner Program. The laptops are recycled laptops from another region that were going to Asset Management for disposal.


Human Resources' Leave Request

During the week of January 21, 2012, eSystems updated the leave form to allow end-user the ability to attached supporting documents while on leave.

On April 17, 2013, eSystems release a new process for the Leave Request for staff use. This new process does not require the staff member to log into their EchoSign account and the leave request is routed to Human Resources automatically after the supervisor approves the request.


Admissions eSignature Review

During the week of January 21, 2012, eSystems, eSystems met with Oliver Aaron and Tiffani Stephens to review their commitment letter for IMPACT and the Leadership Award letter. The two are to be placing a ticket once they have the forms for eSystems to review.


HR Training

During the week of January 21, 2012, eSystems ran a yearly report for the Harassment and Prevention training hosted by IT. The old training was cloned and the new 2013 was added.


Howard Quote Review

During the week of January 21, 2012, Technical Services was requested to review an issue with a memory order through Howard Technology. A discussion took place regarding our 90 day quotes and we will be having a discussion again next week regarding items with constant fluctuation cost, such as memory. The quote and order was honored for the Phenix City campus.


Standard Monitors

Technical Services evaluated Troy's standard monitor to compare sizes, specs and price differences. Although the price rose slightly, the new Lenovo monitor is much better quality and attributes.


Updating IT Sites

Technical Services and eSystems reviewed website and Parature Knowledge Base items for outdated information and made updates where needed. This will enhance the learning aspects for end-users and students navigating around IT's site and any technical issues they may incur.


FrontDoor Software

FrontDoor Software was installed and documented on 85 laptops. This brings the total number of protected laptops for Troy University to 356.

On May 23, 2013, eSystems reviewed the current license counts and requested that FDS add an additional 250 licenses to our account.


Enhancing the Online Help

eSystems reviewed the KB rating for the CRM. Reviews of KB ratings were reviewed and KBs enhanced or modified to assist with answering faculty, staff, and student questions. The review of the Top 5 task was also provided in the report to the CTO.


Recruiter Utilization Reports

eSystems ran reports for FrontDoorSoftware detailing the last time each of the recruiter laptops had connected to the FDS servers.


eSignature Workflows

During the week of January 21, 2012, eSystems continued to work with John Lester on the new workflows for the Leave request and Incomplete grade request. Both workflows are processing correctly, we now waiting on John for a few final items.


Incomplete Grade Request Workflow Review

On January 31, 2013, eSystems met with Vickie Miles to review the workflow for the Incomplete Grade Request.

eSystems has received and thoroughly tested the workflow and slash page for the incomplete grade request. Contact has been made with Human Resources to schedule a date when appropriate personnel can be trained.


EchoSign Form Review

During the week of January 28, 2012, eSystems continued reviewing fifteen forms that could be deployed in the future.

During the month of February, eSystems reviewed twenty-seven forms for deployment through the automated workflows. Active development is in process on ten of these forms.

During the week of March 4, 2013, eSystems continued reviewing sixteen forms that could be deployed in the future.

During the week of March 11, 2013, eSystems continued reviewing seventeen forms that could be deployed in the future. Active development of the Course Substitution form began this week.

During the week of March 18, 2013, eSystems continued reviewing seventeen forms that could be deployed in the future. Active development of the Course Substitution form began this week.

During the month of April 2013, eSystems continued reviewing seventeen forms that could be deployed in the future.

During the month of May 2013, eSystems continued reviewing fourteen forms that could be deployed in the future.


EchoSign Workflow Meeting

On February 2, 2013, eSystems met twice with our several representatives from EchoSign to work on the issues we are still encountering with the automated workflows for the incomplete grade request and leave request.


Graduate Recommendation Form

During the week of February 11, 2013, eSystems began a review of the graduate acknowledgement letter and recommendation form.

On April 15, 2013, eSystems trained the staff that will be interacting with the Graduate Recommendation Form and the Graduate Student Acknowledgement.

On April 15, 2013, eSystems release the Graduate Recommendation Letter and Graduate Student Acknowledgement for student use.


IT Contracts

A review of all IT contracts for all locations was reviewed and a report created for all contracts that require a signature.


IRPE Survey

eSystems assisted IRPE in collecting survey data from all IT departments. A total number of ports and computers for Troy University student's was collected from all location and provided to IRPE.


Greenwood and Hall Chat

During the week of March 4, 2013, eSystems reviewed and issue with the Greenwood and Hall rep regarding unanswered chats.


EchoSign Reports

eSystems ran reports on a weekly basis on recently completed adjunct contracts.


2013 Platform Webinar Series

On March 20, 2013, eSystems attended a webinar session about the collaboration options available with Office 2013.


Mobile Web/Responsive Design Updates

The Web Team has been working to integrate mobile support into various Web projects. Some of the sites that SOS Responsive Screenshothave been updated now offer a new, light-weight design as a result. The new HERMES Website ( and the SOS Website ( are now mobile compatible. Several new projects including an updated landing page, Impulse login page, and the Military/Veterans Portal will also include mobile support.








Military/Veterans Portal

Development of the new military/veterans portal has been completed. The site is currently undergoing a final review and is expected to be launched in the near future. The site will service prospective and current military students by providing critical information to them in a single Website. The new site will support mobile devices at launch.

Military Portal Screenshot


Common University Calendar (Trojan Today)

IT worked with Barbara Patterson to expand use of the Active Data calendar product to the entire university. The calendar data is featured on a new section of the Trojan Website named Trojan Today ( The page serves to highlight events and acts as a gateway into the full calendar.

Trojan Today Screenshot


Zip Code Clean Up Project

Use the purchased USPS zip code file to clean up current city and county data in the Datatel database.


Online W2's

W2's are now available for 2011, 2012 and any future W2. Instructions for viewing and printing an online W2 can be found on the Troy Employee website. Once an employee has given consent to online delivery they will no longer receive a paper W2 through the mail. If consent is not given they will continue to receive the paper form through the mail and will not have access to view online. This viewing process can be found in the Employee section of WebAdvisor.


Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Each month the University receives a CD from Wachovia Bank with a list of checks that were cleared for that month. The information from this CD is uploaded into the Datatel system where is it used in a process that will automatically reconcile checks. This process has been completely turned over to the Accounting Services department.


Form Server

On April 28, 2013 the web division transferred all form processing from the IT web server to a new form server, . All secure forms are now housed on the forms server. Since January, 42 new forms have been created.


Faculty Report of Intent to be Absent Workflow Review

On May 16, 2013, eSystems met with Dr. Lee Vardaman to discuss the workflow development for the Faculty Report of Intent to be Absent form. Dr. Vardaman gave his approval for this form to be deployed through an automated workflow. This form was deployed on May 21, 2013.


Master Schedule Change Workflow Review

On May 1, 2013, eSystems met with Dr. Hal Fulmer, Tamara Jones, and Vickie Miles to discuss the routing and processing of the Master Schedule Change automated workflow being developed through EchoSign.


Course Substitution Workflow Review

On May 2, 2013, eSystems met with Anita Walker, Vickie Miles, and Jerri Carroll, to discuss the development and workflows for the Transient Form and Course Substitution Form. It was determined that we would begin development on the Course Substitution Form first.


Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Workflow Review

On May 16, 2013, eSystems met with Dr. Lee Vardaman to discuss the workflow development for the Adjunct Faculty Evaluation. This form is now in active development for an automated workflow.


Asset Pickup and Delivery Workflow Review

On May 15, 2013, eSystems met with Vanessa Mauldin with Asset Management to discuss the modification to the Asset Pickup and Delivery form and the development of the automated workflow. This form was deployed on May 20, 2013.


ExactTarget Release

On June 19, 2013, ExactTarget was opened up for students to sign up for the service in conjunction with the new HERMES site. Since this time 273 individuals sign up to receive TrojanTXT SMS messages. New registrations are being imported into ExactTarget on a daily basis.


Faculty Website Template for Spectrum

Information Technology has created a Website template that faculty may use to create new Websites on Spectrum. The template is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. As a result, the site is HTML5 compliant and is suitable for viewing from both desktop and mobile devices. Template files are provided in two editions: (1) One version that is compatible with all HTML editors and (2) another version that is designed to work with Dreamweaver templates. Knowledge of HTML is required to use the templates but since the framework is well documented there are many third-party resources already available on the Web.

The template files can be downloaded directly from the Spectrum homepage ( A link to a demonstration Website is also available (

Dothan Campus News

Dothan Deli Wiring Upgraded

The network wiring was upgraded to Cat 6 cable replacing the old Cat 5 wire.


Transfer of Excess Equipment

Dothan Information Services transferred over 50 used computers and other excess to the Carver Magnet School and Houston County Board of Education. The old equipment was no longer needed at the Dothan Campus, but will provide additional resources for the K-12 schools in the local area and save tax dollars by reutilizing the surplus items.


Wireless Access Expanded

15 additional wireless access points were recently installed at the Dothan Campus expanding coverage and improving the wireless experience for students, faculty and staff.


Computer Assembly Instruction

Computer Assembly instruction and practice provided to staff at the Dothan Campus. The Dothan Information Services provided instruction on computer part identification and assembly instructions allowing staff to assemble new computers that will be utilized in the computer lab on the Dothan Campus.

Phenix City Campus News

There is currently no news to report for Phenix City.

Troy Campus News

Biology Digital Display

During the week of January 7, 2013, Technical Services assisted Howard Computers and Visix with the install of a digital display for the Biology Department. Ran into some issues but should have them corrected and the player in line by the next week.


IT Network IPS/IDS Updates

IT Network Division continues updates of the IPS/IDS with newer versions of filters. These filters assist in mitigating newer threats to all systems connected to the University's networks. These updates continue to adjust for trending models of threat mitigation.


Blackboard Card Management System Project

IT Network Division has renewed the contract with Blackboard Card Management Systems. We are now looking into the upgrade to version TS3 to bring the system up to date with maintenance schedules. This update is currently scheduled to take place during the winter break.


NAC Updates

The network division has worked with the NAC vendor to update a device list to be more inclusive of newer portable and mobile devices for better resolution and reporting. It has also now finger-printed newer android devices that were showing limited signs of connectivity issues through the NAC. Also, the newest version of the software has now been loaded on each appliance for the "Summer Release" of the Impulse software, getting ready for Fall Semester.


Firewall Update Project

IT Network Division continues to update and maintain the Troy University firewall with incremental updates and threat filters to stay fully up-to-date with industry.


Online Knowledgebase

IT has been utilizing the Parature Helpdesk for some time now. The network division has been working on some "Self Help" Q & A that has now been posted in the "Knowledgebase" section inside Please make sure to visit and check this out and feel free to forward us what you think may need to be addressed as issues that would make self troubleshooting better for everyone.


Deep Freeze Install

On February 1, 2013, Technical Services installed Deep Freeze on the main console and 24 desktop units for the new English lab in Smith 169. The lab has been completed and is ready to be utilized by students.


IT Lab

On February 11, 2013, Technical Services updated the IT Lab to ensure all PC's are updated and running properly for Blackboard training sessions on February 13 and 14, as well as any other training held in the lab.


Student Support Services Lab

During the week of February 11, 2013, Deep Freeze was updated in the SSS Lab by technical services. All of the computers were connected to a console computer in Mr. Williamson's office.


Part-time Helpdesk Technician

Technical Services completed the process of interviewing and hiring a part-time Helpdesk Technician. Casey Weldon has vacated his part-time position to become a full time IT Support Technician.


Counseling Lab

Technical Services scheduled an install with Howard Computers for the Counseling Lab in Hawkins Hall for February 13. The installs included installing three Toshiba DVR's to the existing equipment and testing to make sure all equipment is performing correctly.


>McAfee Packages for Faculty & Staff

Technical Services is in the process of testing a new install of McAfee 8.8 package for Faculty and staff. Once the testing of the new package has been evaluated and corrected, IT will begin the deployment for end-users on Troy campus.


Lexmark Printer

Technical Services worked with Lexmark Technical Support and Product Specialists to resolve a printer issue on Troy campus. The problem consisted of a printer that was printing PDFs and Power Points slowly. The solution is to use a lower resolution with printing PDFs.


College of Education

During the week of March 11, 2013, Technical Services configured and imaged 25 PC's for a lab in College of Education Department. The image was configured with all the necessary administrative changes and software installed for each unit.


Broadcast and Digital Network

During the week of March 11, 2013, Technical Services configured and imaged 5 PC's for Radio and TV Department. The image was configured with all the necessary administrative changes and software installed for each unit. These PC's are not new however, they are recycled older PC's that has been turned in to Asset Management. Memory was added to each unit that was salvaged from PC's that is not functional.


Spring Preview Day

On March 23, 2013, Technical Services participated in the Trojan Preview Day. IT was represented during the browse session for prospective students and their parents. During this event, IT information cards were handed out containing what services IT offers for students and address any questions from the participants.


Smith Hall English Lab

During the week of March 18, 2013, Technical Services reconfigured Deep Freeze software in the English lab with a new IP in order to synchronize each unit and to improve the security of the PC's.



During the week of March 4, 2013, Tech Services assisted VBrick representative on upgrading in-house testing equipment. VBrick is a streaming video solution that can capture live video content and distribute it over networks or devices, which will be used in classrooms.

During the week of March 11, 2013, Tech Services assisted VBrick representative on upgrading the VBrick gear for additional testing. The new feature will allow the faculty to schedule sessions in advance and manage their sessions easier. VBrick is a streaming video solution that can capture live video content and distribute it over networks or devices, which will be used in classrooms.


Self Service Portal Project

Network Division has assisted in connecting the new Student Self Support Portal. This project is now with the Datatel Division for completion of software load and configuration before being opened up for usage testing.



Troy IT has completed the Wireless Upgrade from previous vendor to Meru Networks. This project is was scheduled to be completed no later than July 1, 2013.


Network Routing Distribution Project

Network Division is in process of distributing the network routes to enhance network connectivity across the campus networks. This project is currently 90% complete and expectations are to be completed by August 1, 2013. The newly listed date is taking into account for down time in areas where classes are being held and we must schedule these times for replacement accordingly.


Construction Updates

Newman Dorms:

Building A - Construction is still in progress and IT has not been given a day in which we will be able to get in to this building as of yet.

Building B - Doors have been assembled and we now have a key to begin installing network equipment for this building. Anticipated completion of this building is July 20, 2013.

Long Hall:

Equipment has been ordered and is being stored in the IT department for security purposes. IT has not been notified yet as to when we will be able to get into this building to install networking equipment.


Student Network Enhancements

The network division has completed installation of a Layer 2 switch in the Bibb Graves Data Center to accommodate more 10 Gig connectivity to the student dormitory network. This will allow us to enhance each buildings connectivity faster and more easily when needed and funding is provided.


Office Training

On April 23 and 24, 2013, eSystems and Technical Services offered Word training for Troy faculty and staff.

On April 30, 2013, eSystems and Technical Services offered Excel training for Troy faculty and staff.


Malone Art Lab

The week of June 3rd, Technical Services setup and configured 16 new iMacs for the Art lab in Malone 201. Installed MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite Design and Web Premium software, setup and configured an Elmo Document camera along with an Epson ceiling mounted projector.

Global Campus News

Parature Region Consolidation

On January 9, 2013, all customers that were associated with Atlantic Region were merged into the Global Campus region. A mass conversion took place to replace the Atlantic region field, with GC so the Atlantic region routing rules could be removed.


Parature Rule Removal

On January 10, 2013, eSystems removed all routing rules associated with Atlantic Region due to the removal of Atlantic Region from all customer accounts.

University Wide Upcoming Projects

MegaSign Portal Development

During the week of January 7, 2013, eSystems worked with ThinkSmart to finalize the UAT document and get the MegaSign Portal in a live production status. Portal should be released January 14, 2013. eSystems has been working with the designated processors during the week of January 7, 2013, to ensure they are ready to process the adjunct contracts utilizing the MegaSign Portal.

During the week of January 21, 2013, eSystems individually met with thirteen individuals who have been identified as processors of adjunct contracts for the college of business and the college of arts and sciences to ensure that were able to process all their contracts properly. eSystems will continue to meet with processors during the following week to ensure all contracts are sent out.

During the week of January 28, 2013, eSystems met with ThinkSmart on January 28, 2013 to discuss some outstanding issues with the MegaSign Portal. Also during the week eSystems individually met with three individuals who have been identified as processors of adjunct contracts for the college of business and the college of arts and sciences to ensure that were able to process all their contracts properly. All adjunct contracts have now been processed through the MegaSign Portal.

On March 7, 2013, eSystems met with representatives from EchoSign to discuss modifications to the MegaSign Portal that was developed by ThinkSmart. They are going to contact ThinkSmart to discuss the requested modifications and then contact us about what they can do to assist us in resolving this issue.

On March 14, 2013, eSystems met with representatives from EchoSign to discuss modifications to the MegaSign Portal that was developed by ThinkSmart.

On April 3, 2013, eSystems met with representatives from EchoSign and ThinkSmart to kick off the UAT testing for the enhancements to the MegaSign Portal. These enhancements will allow processors to view and manage the contracts they have sent out.

On April 22, 2013, eSystems offered training to the individuals that will be responsible for processing documents through the MegaSign Portal. There were 27 participants in this training.

On April 29, 2013, the first enhancement of the MegaSign Portal has been released. This enhancement allows the processors to automatically see the contracts they have processed through the MegaSign portal within their EchoSign portal.

On June 14, 2013, eSystems hosted a training session for MegaSign Processors to go over how to complete the CSV file, how to send contracts out for signature, and how to manage the contracts once they are sent. Fifteen people attended this training session.

On June 20, 2013, eSystems met with representative from EchoSign and ThinkSmart to discuss the reporting feature that is being developed for us through the MegaSign Portal.

On June 26, 2013, eSystems began the UAT testing phase for the Reporting Enhancement for the MegaSign Portal.


IT Training

During the week of February 11, 2013, eSystems and Technical Services began a review of training options and have begun working on a training schedule.

Travel Request EchoSign Workflow

eSystems has begun development of the Request for Travel Approval forms utilizing the workflows delivered to us by Adobe.


Leadership Scholarship Awards

eSystem has begun development of the Leadership Scholarship Award letter and form. The forms have been created and CSV file created for the awarding of multiple scholarships through the Adobe Megasign feature.


ITAPS Programming

eSystems contact Houthstooth Consulting regarding the enhancements needed to the ITAPS system. The eSystems and Systems Admin division are in the planning stages with HTC, the timeframe of deployment is two weeks.


Workflow Development

As of March 4, 2013, eSystems is currently ready to deploy the leave request and the incomplete grade request via the developed workflows. We currently have seven additional forms that are ready to be developed with the automated workflows.


MegaSign Scholarship Awards

During the week of March 4, 2013, eSystems continued working with the Admissions department in the deployment of Scholarship awards through Adobe's megasign feature.


Information Technology Website Redesign

The IT department will soon unveil a new Website that will include mobile support. In addition, IT staff are in the process of reviewing existing content, providing updates, and also working on providing information in a manner that will be more easily understood and navigated.


Records One-Stop Shop

Records staff have been working in partnership with the Web Team to develop a "one-stop" shop for students that will provide them with critical information related to records, registration, financial aid, and other resources. The Web Team has constructed a working demonstration. At this time Records is in the process of reviewing the work and submitting additional changes.

Records One-Stop Shop Screenshot


eCheck Processing Update

Electronic check processing no longer an option when processing student payments in Datatel or Trojan web express.



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