Installation Instructions for Troy Student Version of ENS 10.6

To download the latest version of McAfee ENS Threat Protection, a student must be registered, have a valid Troy University e-mail address and live on the Troy campus.

  1. Go to and then select:

    Go to the link above and select Download Anti-Virus Software
  2. Enter your login credentials:
    Enter your login credentials

  3. You will see the following screen after logging in:

  4. Click on “Student Virus Software

    Step 2

  5. After you click on "Student Virus Software", you will see:
    Save as Dialog screen

  6. Choose “Save As” from the Save drop down and save to desktop.

    Save Drop Down Menu

  7. The file will be saved to your “desktop” as:
    McAfee File Name

  8. Right click on the Red “M” and choose “Run as Administrator”. McAfee ENS will install and update itself, and will delete the desktop icon.  If you wish or need to re-install the software, please download it again.