SPSS Installation Instructions

The university has a site license for SPSS that allows it to be installed on any university-owned computers when used for teaching or non-commercial purposes. Additionally, student, faculty and staff home use on personal equipment is permitted.

These instructions are intended for installation on personally owned devices.  For University-owned Windows PCs which are connected to the TROY network, Faculty and Staff can easily install SPSS from the Software Center catalog.  Instructions on Software Center usage can be found at the link below:

Article - How to use the Software Center catalog

Home Use Install - Microsoft Windows

  1. Launch the installer package, SSC64-bit_28.0.1.0Win_ML.exe and then select, Launch License Wizard.

  2. Once the the License Wizard loads, click Next to proceed to the license agreement.

  3. After reviewing the license agreement, click I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

  4. Click Next to accept the default install location.

  5. Click Install to begin the installation

  6. Once the installation completes, ensure that Start SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard now is selected and then press Finish.

  7. Ensure that Authorized user license is selected and then press Next.

  8. Enter the provided "Home Use" code located on the SPSS Software Download page in the text box under Enter Code: label then click Add and finally Next. When complete, the Licensing Wizard should report "Successfully processed all codes"

  9. At the Licensing Completed screen, click Finish to complete the process.

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