Clearing Browser Cache


Please choose your web browser for step-by-step instructions on how to clear your web browser's temporary files, history and cookies cache.

Internet Explorer (Version 11)

STEP ONE: Open Internet Explorer and select "Tools" then select "Delete Browsing History."


STEP TWO: After you select "Delete Browsing History," a popup window will open. In this box, check the appropriate selections, including Temporary internet files and website files, cookies and website data and any other options you wish to remove. Once you have finished selecting your options, click the "Delete" button.


STEP THREE: Once this is complete, restart Internet Explorer and resume normal web browsing.

Firefox (Version 44)

STEP ONE: Open Firefox, then select "Tools" then select "Options" from the main menu.


STEP TWO: Click on the Privacy Tab on the left. Near the middle of the Options window, you will click on the option to "Clear your recent history."


STEP THREE: Clicking on "clear your recent history" will open a new popup window. Next, select the appropriate time range you wish the data to be cleared. If you are unsure, please select "Everything" from the option list. Next, select your data options that you wish to clear from the web browser, including "Cookies" and "Cache" options. Upon completion of this step, click "Clear Now."


STEP FOUR: After the browser has completed the removal of the data, please restart your browser and resume normal web browsing.

Google Chrome (Version 33)

STEP ONE: Open Chrome, then access the menu via the tab at the top right corner of the browser window and select "History," or, use the keyboard shortcut of Control-H to open a new tab containing History options.


STEP TWO: Click “Clear browsing data” which will open a popup menu.


STEP THREE: Select the duration for which you wish to delete the items. If in doubt, use “the beginning of time.” option, which will clear all data recorded by the web browser. Check the box next to "Browsing history," "Cookies and other site and plug-in data," and "Cached images and files," along with any other areas for which you wish to remove stored files.


STEP FOUR: Click “Clear browsing data.” Once the popup window disappears, close the settings tab and restart the browser.