We hope you're rested and recharged for the new academic year. We have implemented several new solutions and are finalizing delivery of many more. Enhancements to existing services extend functionality greatly please review familiar offerings as well.

Dr. Greg Price, CTO


Below are the new and existing systems that we would like you to explore. Please take time to review each item. The Office of Information Technology operates a help desk which assists the university community with various technology difficulties. In order to receive assistance contact your local Help Desk or use the Online Help Desk Request form.

What's new with class registration online?

  • Student Planning, the online advising and registration system within Trojan Web Express, consists of tools which enable students and their advisors to better plan for the courses which are needed to complete their academic program, as well as keep track of their degree progress. The system is easy to navigate, and uses color coding to help students plan, schedule, and register for current and future terms and/or semesters. Training and tutorial information for students can be found by going to www.troy.edu/records and clicking on “Student Planning,” and information for advisors can be found by going to the Faculty One-Stop page, clicking on “Troy Training,” and then “Student Planning.”

  • Student Planning Screenshot

Troy University Mobile App (iOS and Android)

  • Information Technology is releasing an updated version of the Troy University app, which already provided students with the ability to view their course schedules, access balances and past payments and receive notifications. The app puts university systems at your fingertips. The latest version of this app adds Single Sign-On support, iBeacons and course registration.

  • The latest information and app store links are available on our Mobile Apps page. The latest iOS version is now available. The latest Android version will be available by September 1, 2017; users that download the current version will be prompted to upgrade when the newer version is available.

  • Look for this icon when downloading it in the iOS and Android app stores:

  • app icon

Learn how to receive emergency notifications

  • All students are encouraged to sign up for the e2Campus alert system, which is used to send text message and e-mail notifications about safety issues that impact our locations. e2Campus is a component of our SOS (Emergency Information) Alert system. Only safety-related notices will be sent. You will not receive general information about events at the university and your contact information will not be shared with a third-party when you register.

  • You may also view notifications at our SOS Website and most alerts are also posted via our TROYUSOS Twitter account. The status of online services, such as Canvas and E-mail, are posted to the Website and to our Twitter account.

Who moved my Blackboard? (Canvas)

  • Welcome to Canvas!  Troy University has completed the migration from Blackboard to Canvas.  The first phase of the migration went exceptionally well over the Summer with the College of Education, College of Health and Human Services, and the College of Communications and Fine Arts move to Canvas.  Both faculty and students provided positive feedback on their Canvas experience.

  • Faculty and students can log in to Canvas, find helpful tutorials, and Live Chat with the Educational Technology support team at http://canvas.troy.edu.  Canvas orientation courses are available to all faculty and students in Canvas.  Click the “Help” button on the navigation menu inside Canvas for chat assistance, tutorials, and a 24x7 hotline.  For assistance from the Educational Technology team, please submit a ticket through the Troy University Online Help Desk Request form.

      ">Helpdesk choosing Canvas as the problem type. 

    • Visit the Trojan CafZØ for helpful articles on the features and functionality of Canvas.

Self-service Directory (help.troy.edu)

  • A new website is available at help.troy.edu that provides easy access to self-help tools and critical information for current and future students. The links in this page will help students learn how to reset their passwords, find answers to common questions and sign up for notification services.


Mandatory Employee Security Training

  • Full Time Staff and Faculty have now been given access to complete the Annual SANS Security Training. This annual training is mandatory and should to be completed by September 30, 2017.  This online program teaches you, the user, how to keep Troy University as well as yourself CyberSecure.  There are 20 short modules to complete, but they do not have to be completed during the same session. Please visit Mandatory Security Training page to begin your training.

  • Employees who have not completed the training by the deadline will find their credentials disabled on October 1, 2017.

Faculty & Staff Training Opportunities

  • The New Online Training Portal is now available for all staff and faculty at Troy University!  Please visit https://troy.knowledgecity.com/ to log in and being learning.  Explore the Course Library to view the available courses.  You can choose from Business, Computer, and Safety Courses.  There are also Training Courses specific to Troy University. Within the courses you can select specific items as you may be trying to learn a new feature or just brushing up on what you already know! 

Online Training Portal

Data Encryption Project (MBAM)

  • This fall, IT will be working to establish a program called Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) on all faculty and staff computers. MBAM service provides a simplified administrative interface for managing and monitoring BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows systems.  BitLocker offers enhanced protection against data theft and data exposure for Windows systems that are lost or stolen.  BitLocker encrypts all data that is stored on a Windows system. IT is continually striving to keep your data protected.

With MBAM you can:

  • Reduce costs associated with managing BitLocker encryption
  • Enforce University and Departmental encryption policies
  • Monitor and audit compliance with encryption policies

Antivirus Protection for Troy Computers

  • Troy computers use McAfee Antivirus Protection for the primary end point protection for computer viruses, malware, ransomware and other cyber threats. Residential students at the Troy Campus are permitted to download and install a copy of McAfee VirusScan for use on their personal computers. For more information please go to the software page for for details.

  • McAfee antivirus software should be installed on all Troy owned computers. In addition, Cylance Protect should be installed on Troy computers for users who access sensitive data and personal identifiable information on students, faculty, and staff. Cylance Protect leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real time.

How do I securely access University systems?

  • Faculty and staff use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to secure on-line resources such as Datatel and secure shares. We have discontinued the Cisco VPN. The Forticlient is the new VPN client. The Forticlient has been remotely installed on most devices who need this access. If you have been approved for access to secure on-line resources and do not have the Forticlient installed on your device please place a Helpdesk ticket at Online Help Desk Request form.


John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success

  • The John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success at Troy University is a comprehensive program that focuses on students needing academic support services as they transition from high school or post-high school experiences to the university experience, as well as during their time at TROY. This program promotes an understanding of and appreciation for higher education; provides programs and services that improve students’ opportunities for academic success, personal, social, and career enrichment; encourages civic and campus engagement; orientates students to the University and its policies, resources and culture; and fosters the development of positive relations between and among students, faculty, and staff.

  • Academic assistance is provided by the Natural Science Center for tutoring in math and science as well as the Writing Center in training students to become better writers and thinkers. The Office of Civic Engagement aims to connect Troy University students to applied learning opportunities where students can develop skills in leadership, project management, and civic action while making a difference in our local community. ComputerWorks provides students with the electronic tools they need to complete academic assignments. The Testing and Assessment unit identifies student readiness in Math and English proficiency and also provides opportunities to complete CLEP exams. Our Center also offers academic advisement to students who are either conditionally admitted or undeclared. The Undeclared Majors Program advises students who are not ready to declare a major and seeks to aid them in career exploration and major selection. The Adaptive Needs Program, under the guidelines of ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, makes reasonable accommodations for documented physical and mental limitations of otherwise-qualified individuals with disabilities. In addition to the services listed above, Career Services seeks to assist students in focusing their career path while gaining work experience and providing guidance in their professional job search.

  • The Federally funded TRIO program, Student Support Services, works to increase retention and graduation rates among students who meet the qualifications for this program.

What's happening with the new helpdesk? (TeamDynamix)

  • During the fall semester, IT will being transitioning to a new CRM Help desk solution, with a projected start date of December 1st. The solution, TeamDynamix is currently being utilized at over 200 higher education schools and has a 99.5% up time. We feel that this along with many new enhancements that are offered, including a new look, will provide the university with a great CRM help desk solution for the students, faculty and staff of Troy University. Below are screen shots of the new solution.

  • We have several departments on campus utilizing the current help desk solution, including: Admissions, Troy Online, Marketing, Learning Management System (Canvas), Instructional Design, Human Resources, Records, Information Technology, Non-Academic Student Services, Housing, Event Management, Financial Aid, University Police, & Telecommunications. We hope to add more departments in the future to the TeamDynamix help desk.

TeamDynamix Service Catalog Service Catalog

Managing Email Campaigns (ExactTarget)

  • ExactTarget Email is available for staff use. ExactTarget is an email service that should be used when sending out mass emails to external email addresses. These emails will be sent from a troyuemail.com email address and are compliant with current FTC regulations. If your department sends out email that will need to be sent out via ExactTarget in the future, please submit a help desk ticket to get an account set up.


  • TrojanTXT is available for students to sign up. TrojanTXT is an SMS communication service that will swiftly notify students of a number of Student Services topics and deadlines such as: registration dates, financial aid deadlines, drop/add dates, and billing.

  • Currently, we have over 4,380 students have signed up to receive TrojanTXT SMS messages. We would also like to encourage students to participate in the TROJANS campaign seen on the digital displays around campus.


How do I create electronic forms for signature? (Adobe Sign)

  • We currently have 66 forms deployed through automated workflows utilizing Adobe Sign. We have many more forms that will be deployed throughout the coming year. Twenty-three of the forms currently deployed are forms that will be utilized by students.  

  • All forms used through Adobe Sign are only available through the forms section of the department’s website that manages the specific form. For instance, you need to go to Academic Record’s forms page to access the Incomplete Grade Request. Below are links to a few of the forms we currently have deployed:

Adobe Sign


Laptop Loss and Recovery Software

  • Students can protect their laptops with FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Loss & Recovery Free. Installation includes laptop registration, new talk feature, and 4 years of software tracking service. Protect your laptop, information, music, emails, and pictures for free today.

  • For support you will need to contact FrontDoor:


Request Help with IT Services

  • For assistance submit a Online Help Desk Request form.

      Helpdesk Ticket or call 1-334-670-HELP (4357)

      Hours of Operation (Central Time)
      Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
      Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
      Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

    How do I reset my password? (TrojanPass)

    • TrojanPass is a self-service password reset portal that will allow users to reset their own passwords for O365, Trojan WebExpress, and Active Directory. Users will be able to reset their passwords through options that include security questions, image recognition, and random PINs sent to the user’s mobile phone using SMS or via email. First-Time users who have not yet completed setting up their TrojanPass profile will receive a reminder email to login and complete the process. To learn more about TrojanPass and to setup your profile please visit http://reset.troy.edu/.

    • TrojanPass Portal

      What's new in Microsoft Office 365?

      • Microsoft Office 365 is Troy University’s official email and is provided to all registered students of Troy University. Your O365 account includes your University email account along with the online version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Users also have the option to install the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, on up to 5 of your personal devices. You may access your account and the online version of Microsoft Office at http://splash.troy.edu/go-to/mail/.

      New Sign On Experience

      • Microsoft has pushed a public preview of the “New Sign in Experience” for MO365 users.  This experience will be set as the new sign-in page for all Office 365 accounts by the end of September 2017.Users may see the option to “Try it Now” displayed at the top of the current login page.  By selecting, “Try it Now”, the page will be redirected to the new sign-in page.

      • The new experience only affects the look of signing into MO365.

      Sign On window

      Focused Inbox

      • Focused Inbox is a new feature, currently rolling out to all MO365 email accounts. This feature helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you and filters out all others. It will intelligently presort your email and place your most important emails in a –Focus” tab and all others within the –Other” tab.

      • What does Focused Inbox mean for Clutter

      • Focused Inbox is designed to replace Clutter and uses the same intelligence to sort emails. Instead of directing mail to a separate folder, Focus will keep all emails within your Inbox and filter the messages within the two tabs. Emails once routed to the Clutter folder will now be filtered into the –Other” tab within the Inbox view.

      • Previous settings and learned habits that where applied to Clutter will carry over to Focused Inbox.

      • For additional information, please visit Focused Inbox for Outlook

      How do I encrypt my e-mail?

      • We now provide all users with the ability to send encrypted email messages through your Troy University email account. When composing an email, type #Encrypt# into the subject line before you type the subject of the email. Microsoft will recognize the encryption tag and automatically apply the encryption.

      • encryption screenshot

      • To view an encrypted message, sign in with your Troy University 365 account or use a one-time passcode

      • encryption screenshot

        encryption screenshot

      IRPE now offering Qualtrics to faculty, staff and students for research

      • Troy University has purchased a university wide license for Qualtrics software. Faculty, staff, and students may now have access to a research account. For more information on Qualtrics, please visit http://www.troy.edu/irpe/qualtrics.html. Please remember that all research using Qualtrics MUST follow the approval policies and procedures from the Institutional Review Board.

      Where's my refund? (Student Financial Aid)

      • Troy University Financial Aid is excited to announce that Self Service Financial Aid will be available very soon. This intuitive self-service solution features several tabs and web forms that guide students, step-by-step, through the process for applying for and accepting the financial aid they need in order to achieve their academic goals. Additionally counselors will see the same information the students see so they can provide relevant, timely support. This will be a mobile-friendly way to apply for and accept financial aid with a dashboard-like view of the student’s status accessible by students, counselors, and financial aid administrators alike.

      • Self-Service Financial Aid displays a financial aid checklist that specifies all the steps and their proper sequence that students need to pursue financial aid in a particular year, including:

        • Receipt of the FAFSA
        • Any outstanding documents required
        • Actions the student needs to take to proceed through the awarding process
        • The review status of the application at the financial aid office
        • Ability to accept/decline awards
        • Ability to review, electronically sign, and print your award letter

      • An email announcing the launch of Self-Service Financial Aid will soon follow. Be on the lookout!


      Financial Aid Screenshot

      Commuter Plus Meal Plan

      • Sodexo Dining and Troy University introduced an enhanced meal plan to address the needs of commuters who desire greater flexibility of funds to meet their retail dining needs on campus during the semester and access to discounted meals at Trojan Dining, without having to purchase one of the existing meal plans. Campus residents will still be required to purchase the regular meal plans.

      • The Commuter Plus Plan will provide a guest 350 points that may be used at all Sodexo managed retail outlets on campus, including stadium concessions, and 28 meals at Trojan Dining during the course of the term. This plan may be substituted for the current Commuter Dining Dollar plan that all students who do not have a regular, meal plan are required to purchase.

      • The cost of this plan is $600 plus tax and a guest may sign up for this at the Trojan Card Office in the Adams Administration Building. The guest must change from the Commuter Dining Dollar Plan to the Commuter plus Plan prior to using the Dining Dollar Plan and all applicable meal plan change deadlines must be followed.

      Connect with TROY Social Media

      • Stay connected with the people, places and organizations that make up Troy University by following them on social media.

      Follow the latest TROY news on the official blog

      • Follow TROYês official blog, TROY.Today, to keep up with the latest news about students, faculty, staff, alumni and more.

      Pay for your parking permits and parking tickets online!

      • All parking permits for faculty, staff, students and visitors may now be purchased online. In addition, parking ticket details are available for review and tickets can also be paid. Please visit our Parking Permit and Ticket page to learn more about accessing these systems, purchasing permits, paying tickets, filing appeals or reviewing current traffic and parking regulations.

      Dorm Internet Upgrade, Cable TV Deactivation and New Features

      • IT is working with our Internet vendor to increase the Internet connection for the dorms which will increase internet speeds 9 times the current amount. We currently have plans to have this upgraded connection in place by October 1st, 2017. With the addition to the upgrade, we will at that point, allow streaming media devices such as AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. These devices are not currently allowed in any of the dorms except New Res Hall, but will be after the upgrade is completed.

      • At the same time that the bandwidth upgrade is scheduled to occur, cable TV service to the following residential dorms will be deactivated:

        • Trojan Village Buildings 100; 200; 300; and 400
        • Clements Hall
        • Newman Center 100 and 200
        • Cowart Hall
        • Shackelford Hall
        • Pace Hall
        • Gardner Hall
        • Hamil Hall
        • Honor’s Cottage
        • Paden House
        • Hill Crest House
        • Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority House
        • Phi Mu Sorority House
        • Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House
        • Kappa Delta Sorority House
        • Chi Omega Sorority House
        • Sigma Chi Fraternity House
        • Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House
        • Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity House
        • Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity House
        • Delta Chi Fraternity House
        • FarmHouse Fraternity House
        • Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House (listed as SAE House)
        • 104 Highland Avenue
        • Transportation Services

      What is FERPA?

      • The purpose of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as the Buckley Amendment, is to provide students certain rights with respect to their student records. This Act also protects the student's privacy from the indiscriminate collection, maintenance, disclosure and release of personally identifiable student information, including information regarding student status or performance.

      • More information is available on the FERPA page in the Academic Records website.

      Copyright Information and Best Practices

      • A compilation of copyright information is available in the IT Website for review. The page includes general guidelines and links for topics such as Fair Use, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the university's Electronic Copyrights Infringements Policy.

      Student Consumer Information Disclosure

      • The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires that universities make available to current and prospective students important information concerning each institutionês academic programs, retention rates, graduation rates, crime reports, financial aid procedures and more in an effort to ensure fairness and transparency for all higher education consumers. Troy University is committed to providing prospective students, students, their families and the community full disclosure of all consumer information as required by state and federal law.

      • Visit the Student Consumer Information Disclosure page.

      Troy Universityês Consumer Information resources are located at http://www.troy.edu/cid/. Information Technology Polices, including Copyright Policy are available at http://it.troy.edu.